Detroit Sports Nation’s guide to soccer

Like it or not, soccer is growing in America and coming to Detroit. Many who have heard about the world’s most popular sport seem to have a lack of real knowledge about it. With the very real possibility of the MLS coming to Detroit, we have compiled a few things that everyone in Detroit should know about … Read more

The application process for MLS expansion to Detroit is almost here

We may finally be coming closer to Detroit finally receiving an MLS team. After the initial plan was presented by Dan Gilbert and his business group to bring MLS to Detroit, news had remained pretty quite on those efforts. The primary point of contention had revolved around the MLS not formally announcing its expansion plans and the … Read more

MLS Commissioner wants to integrate Michigan Bucks and DCFC into Detroit MLS efforts

We at DSN have been chronicling the growing efforts to bring professional soccer to Detroit. The plans have already been in place under Tom Gores and Dan Gilbert. Now, according to a report from the Detroit Free Press, there are efforts to integrate the Michigan Bucks and Detroit City FC into the Detroit MLS structure. In the report, MLS … Read more