Fernando Tatis Jr. tweets out hilarious photo of him holding Trevor Baer like a baby [Photo]

Here we go! Trevor Bauer has attempted to fire back at Fernando Tatis Jr. for mocking him after hitting a pair of home runs on Saturday, saying “If you need to know what pitch is coming that badly, just ask your daddy nicely next time. You know I ain’t scared homie.” Well, following Bauer’s tweet, … Read more

Fernando Tatis Jr. mocks Trevor Bauer after home run, throws in Conor McGregor strut [Video]

If you have been following along with baseball for the past couple of seasons, you know there is a growing rivalry between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. In fact, it truly seems like there is at least some level of hatred between the two California-based clubs. Also, if you have been … Read more