FIFA decides to fast-track joint US-Mexico-Canada bid for 2026 World Cup

FIFA has decided to move forward with their host bidding process for the 2026 World Cup. According to a report from The Guardian, FIFA voted almost unanimously to hasten the process for determining the hosting rights for 2026. Of the 209 voting members, 93% of them voted Thursday for: Other countries have until 11 August to express … Read more

LOOK: Villarreal infuriated after game officials are spotted with Real Madrid merchandise postgame

Soccer has a long and dark history of matches being either fixed, wagered upon, or outright manipulated by special interest. FIFA, in particular, has a black stain on their reputation after rampant institutional bias, illegal bribery, and money laundering were revealed by US investigators back in 2015. This time around, controversy surrounding bias comes at the … Read more

FIFA announces World Cup will expand to 48 teams

Big changes have been announced regarding the world’s most popular sporting tournament. The FIFA World Cup will be expanding to 48 teams in 2026, according to an ESPNFC report. The FIFA Council unanimously decided on a 48-team #WorldCup as of 2026:16 groups of 3 teams. Details to follow after the meeting. — FIFA Media (@fifamedia) January … Read more

FIFA movie yields just $607 on opening weekend in U.S.

Talk about timing. In the midst of one of the greatest major sports scandals in world history, the FIFA-produced “United Passions”, a biopic about disgraced federation president Sepp Blatter, was released to the American public this past weekend. Perhaps to the surprise of few, things did not go swimmingly.  Released in 10 theaters across the country, the movie earned … Read more

Newly re-elected FIFA President Sepp Blatter resigns

Amid the spiraling controversy surrounding FIFA, newly re-elected FIFA President Sepp Blatter has resigned. This move comes as no suprise considering the immense scandal surrounding Blatter’s office as President. This also comes off the Friday election where Blatter won by default after his opponent, Prince Ali Bin al-Hussein, conceded defeat before the second round of voting. Numerous charges and … Read more

FIFA President Sepp Blatter wins 5th term amid corruption scandal

FIFA president Sepp Blatter won a 5th term after his challenger Prince Ali bin al-Hussien of Jordan conceded during the second round of voting.   This all comes in the midst of the corruption scandal leading to the arrest of 14 FIFA employees (9 officials, 5 executives) this past Wednesday in Zurich, Switzerland. Although Blatter … Read more

14 FIFA Officials arrested on 24-year corruption and conspiracy scheme

Futbol. Soccer. Football. Voetbal. Calcio. Futebol. These are all names across the world for the most popular sport on earth. On Tuesday, the governing body that rules over this global event was hit hard when 14 of their ranking officials/business partners were arrested in Switzerland. These 14 individuals were taken under charges of conspiracy and … Read more