Lions Fans: Tap the Brakes on the Kenny Golladay Hype Train

Detroit fans love their Lions. That isn’t a shocking revelation to anyone. Unfortunately, it is an unrequited love that has delivered only one playoff victory in the last 60 years. Lions fans are hungry for more, and this ravenous desire for a winning team leads many Detroiters to grasp for any potential bright spot, even … Read more

Video: Havard Rugland aka Kickalicious Has Returned

Havard Rugland, better known as “Kickalicious”, has released a new video as part of a sponsorship with Pepsi. This time around, Rugland is making his tricks in Norway, and boy does it have some nice scenery in it. The video is proof why “Kickalicious”  is well known as a kicking savant. If you’re a Detroit Lions … Read more