REPORT: Tigers’ Ian Kinsler again garnering trade interest from Mets

The annual baseball Winter Meetings begin this coming Monday and with the big (reported) news of Japanese superstar Shohei Ohtani agreeing to a deal with the Los Angeles Angels, followed by the impending deal of Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton heading to the New York Yankees, expect a big chain reaction of trades and free agent … Read more

REPORT: Tigers’ Ian Kinsler drawing trade interest from multiple clubs

Let the Major League Baseball “Hot Stove” season commence! Now there is not a ton of activity going on at this point in time but after the GM Meetings last week and the annual Winter Meetings coming up, expect the traffic to be clustered real quickly. For the Detroit Tigers, don’t expect them to be … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 17: Detroit Tigers 2018 Offseason Blueprint, Part 2

Section 313 Seat No. 17, Part 2 Here we are again projecting the offseason for the Detroit Tigers. What we have been looking at is our view of the route we see the Tigers going, and the one that makes the most sense moving forward. It should be stated again: The Tigers 2018 season is not … Read more

Report: Al Avila taking calls on current Tiger stars

Are the Detroit Tigers looking to move one or both of the remaining players that actually have some trade value to other teams? The two players in question are second baseman Ian Kinsler and shortstop Jose Iglesias. Al Avila said he's taken calls already on both Kinsler and Iglesias. Said he's not opposed to trading both, … Read more

RUMOR: You will not believe who the Detroit Tigers may trade

Whether you like it or not, the Detroit Tigers rebuild has officially begun and it is safe to say that things could get very ugly, at least in terms of wins and losses, before they get better. Prior to the Major League Baseball trade deadline, Tigers general manager Al Avila dealt Justin Verlander, J.D. Martinez, … Read more

Tigers News: Ian Kinsler’s option, additional safety netting, minor leagues and more

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Philadelphia Phillies

There has been a lot of stories revolving around the Detroit Tigers so we are going to help you get caught up on some of the more notable ones. IAN KINSLER VESTS INTO 2018 Entering Tuesday’s game against the Kansas City royals, second baseman Ian Kinsler was just two plate appearances away from vesting into … Read more

Report: Ian Kinsler set to discuss future with Al Avila

The Detroit Tigers are officially entering a rebuild after struggling for much of the 2017 season, having traded away the likes of J.D. Martinez, Justin Wilson, Alex Avila, and Justin Verlander. Now, another member of the Tigers is set to discuss his future with the team. According to Fox Sports’ John Morosi, Ian Kinsler will … Read more

5 Moves the Tigers need to explore in the offseason

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians

The rebuild is officially in motion for the Detroit Tigers, following the big-time trades of both Justin Upton to the Angels and cornerstone ace Justin Verlander to the Astros last week. It appears the big-spending days for the Tigers are over for the foreseeable future as the team looks to continue getting younger, leaner and … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 14: Projecting the 2018 Detroit Tigers roster

A few weeks ago I gave two possible scenarios for the Tigers roster in 2018. However, they were contingent on Justin Upton‘s pending decision to opt out or not. Well, by now you know he was traded, along with all the money owed to him, to the Los Angeles Angels. Part of that article was also contingent … Read more

EDITORIAL: The argument for keeping Ian Kinsler through a Tigers rebuild

It’s hard to imagine given the amount of success the team has had in the last decade, but the Detroit Tigers are indeed entering a rebuild. That realization came to fruition this past Thursday when the team decided to trade both Justin Upton to the Angels and Justin Verlander to the Astros, two veterans who … Read more

WATCH: Tigers react to Justin Verlander trade

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Atlanta Braves

It has been a rough day for many Detroit Tigers fans who woke up this morning to hear that their ace and 2011 Cy Young winner/ AL MVP Justin Verlander was traded at literally the last minute to the Houston Astros. As difficult as it is for all of us, imagine what it feels like … Read more

REPORT: Amount of Ian Kinsler’s fine revealed

A week after Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler shared some “not safe for work” advice with umpire Angel Hernandez, the price tag that subsequently followed his tirade has been released. Although he avoided being suspended as a result of his meltdown, he was fined. The amount of the fine was initially undisclosed, but a report has surfaced today indicating that the … Read more

LOOK: Ian Kinlser’s response to umpire protest is absolute perfection

Detroit Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler is known as a scrappy player who plays the game the right way and is not afraid to 100% effort on the field, even when his team is out of the playoff picture. If you have paid attention to Kinsler’s comments to the media over the years, it’s clear … Read more