Aaron Downey punishes Ian Laperrière for injuring Nicklas Lidstrom [VIDEO]

Former Colorado Avalanche forward Ian Laperrière found out the hard way what happens when you injure the legendary Nicklas Lidstrom. We’ll set the scene for you. It’s February 18, 2008 at Pepsi Center with the Detroit Red Wings in town. During the first period, Lidstrom was corralling the puck along the boards when he was … Read more

Be a GM!

One of my favorite things to do, and I know other fans feel the same way, is to try to create trades that would better my team. The difficulty comes in trying to figure out the math involved with making deals that complies with the NHL’s complicated salary cap. Well, one of the best sites on the internet, Cap Geek, has a tool to solve all of your problems.

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