Top 10 Moments in Detroit Sports History

If you are from Michigan, you are most likely a fan of Detroit sports. Depending on your age, you have been able to see some of the great moments in sports history happen right here in Detroit. Whether it was watching Kirk Gibson hit a 3-run home run in the 1984 World Series or living through … Read more

8 Most Beloved Figures in Detroit Sports History

Throughout the history of Detroit sports, there have been plenty of figures who have become loved by the fans. Here is a list of the top 8 most beloved figures in Detroit sports history. Nicklas Lidstrom Nicklas Lidstrom played 20 seasons in the National Hockey League, all of them with the Detroit Red Wings. He was … Read more

Isiah Thomas hospitalized and returns after Karl Malone elbow [Video]

By now, we all know the story about how former Detroit Pistons great Isiah Thomas was snubbed from the 1992 Dream Team in favor of John Stockton. Well, on December 14, 1991, during their first head-to-head matchup following the snubbing, Thomas exploded for a whopping 44 points against Stockton and the Utah Jazz. “It just … Read more

Comedian Bill Burr posts NFSW video bashing ‘Bad Boys’ Detroit Pistons

*Originally published on May 11, 2020 If you had not heard, there has been a docuseries running on ESPN featuring Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. During the series, which is titled, “The Last Dance,” Michael Jordan has taken every opportunity to bash Isiah Thomas and the Detroit Pistons for when the Pistons walked off … Read more

OTD: Isiah Thomas breaks hand after punching Bill Laimbeer in head

When it comes to the history of the Detroit Pistons, it cannot be told without mentioning Isiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer over and over again. Thomas and Laimbeer were teammates on the ‘Bad Boys’ teams that ended up winning back-to-back NBA Championships. Embed from Getty Images But just because they won together does not mean … Read more

Detroit Pistons great Isiah Thomas continues to diss Michael Jordan

When it comes to the “Who is the greatest NBA player of all-time” debate, there are generally two players who are in the conversation. Those two players are Michael Jordan (who is the GOAT) and LeBron James (who wants to be Mike but can’t be). Embed from Getty Images One person who disagrees with that … Read more

Flashback: Pistons take down Hornets in first game at The Palace (VIDEO)

It was an official end of an era this morning with the implosion of The Palace of Auburn Hills, which provided countless sports and entertainment memories for the Motor City since the venue’s opening in 1988. Let’s throw it back to the very first Detroit Pistons game at the legendary arena, a 94-85 win over … Read more

Isiah Thomas Punches Rick Mahorn in the Head, Mahorn Doesn’t Flinch [Video]

Former Detroit Pistons point guard Isiah Thomas may have been known for his great smile but that does not mean he did not have a fire burning deep inside of him each and every time he took the court. A good example of Isiah’s passion is when the Pistons took on the Philadelphia 76ers back … Read more

Pistons PG Isiah Thomas loses it after getting bloodied by Bill Cartwright [Video]

Say what you will about former Detroit Pistons PG Isiah Thomas, but he made no qualms about fighting dudes twice his size. Most notable about this brawl with Chicago’s Bill Cartwright: whether it was on the hardwood floor or Cartwright’s jaw, Thomas broke his left wrist during the scuffle. He missed two games. As for … Read more

Playing on one leg, Pistons PG Isiah Thomas drops 25 points in one quarter vs. Lakers [Video]

Detroit Pistons

On this day in 1988, Detroit Pistons PG Isiah Thomas suffered a sprained ankle during the third quarter of Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Thomas proceeded to drop 25 fourth-quarter points but it was not enough to beat the Los Angeles Lakers, who won the game 103-102. Here are some of the highlights. On … Read more

Detroit Pistons All-Time Starting Lineup

Detroit Pistons

When looking back through the storied history of the Detroit Pistons, there have certainly been some outstanding players (and coaches) along the way. Because of that, it was not easy to come up with what I believe the Pistons all-time starting lineup would look like. My first hurdle was that my plan was to include … Read more

Audio surfaces of Michael Jordan blocking Isiah Thomas from ‘Dream Team’

There has been plenty of speculation about whether or not Michael Jordan was the reason why Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas was not selected to play on the 1992 Olympic Dream Team. During an episode of The Last Dance, Jordan said he was not responsible for Thomas not being selected for the team, though he … Read more

Pistons legend Isiah Thomas disrespects Michael Jordan with latest comment

If you happened to catch ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ docuseries, you have certainly picked up on the hatred that Michael Jordan has for former Detroit Pistons PG Isiah Thomas. In fact, it seemed like Jordan made it a point to take as many shots as he possibly could at Thomas and his ‘Bad Boys’ teammates. … Read more