Short-handed Pistons lose at home to The 76ers 125-109

The Detroit Pistons (11-20) couldn’t get it done tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers (22-10), losing at home 125-109. The Pistons were short-handed again tonight, with Luke Kennard (knee) and Bruce Brown Jr. (calf soreness) out for the home team. Pistons starting center Andre Drummond did not make the start tonight due to being late to … Read more

Play of the Night: Andre Drummond Dunks on James Ennis’ Grill

It was late in the second quarter, just as the Miami Heat were looking as if they might just recover from the 25-1 run the Detroit Pistons perpetrated earlier the in half. With the opportunity to cut the Heat deficit to less than ten, a costly Chris Andersen turnover sent the Pistons racing into the open floor. Feeling lucky, … Read more

A Pistons preview of the 2013 NBA Draft

The NBA Draft Lottery again has placed the Detroit Pistons at the lower end of the Top 10. However, the NBA gods have been kind to the Pistons in years past. Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight, and Andre Drummond dropped into their laps at 7, 8, and 9 respectively. This is a weak draft in terms … Read more