10 Reasons why the Green Bay Packers (and their fans) suck

*Note, this is all for fun and I have plenty of friends that are Packers fans and they are amazing people. (Just not this week!) When I was just a child, I was taught two things when it came to NFL football. First, that I bleed Honolulu blue and support the Detroit Lions, no matter … Read more

Jim Caldwell gives thoughts about Matthew Stafford as a leader

Detroit Lions at Houston Texans

During Matthew Stafford‘s 12 seasons as starting quarterback for the Detroit Lions, many haters were quick to jump to the conclusion that he was not a good leader, most pointing out that he was not a rah-rah type player. Well, one person who most certainly disagrees with that is former Lions head coach, Jim Caldwell. … Read more

Matthew Stafford’s final Lions interview includes his thoughts on Matt Patricia, Jim Caldwell, and Jim Schwartz

For 12 years, Matthew Stafford gave his all both on the field for the Detroit Lions and off of the field for the Detroit community. Now, Stafford will be heading to the Los Angeles Rams, where he hopes to lead an already talented team to a Super Bowl in the near future. In the days … Read more

2 Former Detroit Lions interview for Houston Texans head coach opening

Who will the Houston Texans finally settle on as their next head coach and will that hire make Deshaun Watson happy? Well, according to the Texans, a pair of former Detroit Lions (one coach and one player) are still in the running to land the job. The Texans tweeted out on Friday that they have … Read more

Darius Slay says Jim Caldwell was more manly than Matt Patricia when enforcing rules [Video]

During his time playing for the Detroit Lions under head coach Matt Patricia, Darius Slay was miserable. It is well documented that Slay felt disrespected by Patricia and him not bowing down to Patricia is likely why he was eventually traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. Before playing for Patricia, Slay played for one of the … Read more

Former Detroit Lions HC Jim Caldwell’s ‘buzz’ is growing for new gig

Detroit Lions at Houston Texans

According to a report from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, there’s a “growing buzz” for former Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell in regards to the Houston Texans‘ head coach vacancy. From Pro Football Focus: A buzz is building in league circles that Caldwell could be the next coach in Houston. Last month, the … Read more

Former Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell lands interview with Texans

Detroit Lions at Houston Texans

According to reports, former Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell has interviewed for the head coach opening with the Houston Texans. Caldwell, who is about to turn 66, has spent 7 seasons as an NFL head coach, posting a record of 62-50. He also led the 2009 Indianapolis Colts to a 14-2 regular-season record and … Read more

Tony Dungy believes Lions should bring back familiar face to replace Matt Patricia

Matt Patricia is officially gone as head coach of the Detroit Lions and now the team must decide who will be the right hire to lead the team into the future. There have been a plethora of hot candidates mentioned, including Kansas City Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy and San Francisco 49ers DC Robert Saleh. But … Read more

Did Jim Caldwell just expose Matt Patricia on Adam Schefter’s podcast?

When it comes to current or former Detroit Lions‘ head coaches, there have never been two that are more different from each other than Matt Patricia and Jim Caldwell. Embed from Getty Images Caldwell was a players’ coach who led by example. His players loved him and they played hard for him every single game. … Read more

Stephen A. Smith drops incredible stat when comparing Matt Patricia and Jim Caldwell

Detroit Lions at Houston Texans

Before we begin, let me be absolutely clear about something. Just because Matt Patricia is one of the worst Detroit Lions coaches in franchise history does NOT mean the team should have kept Jim Caldwell. Was Caldwell more successful than Patricia? Sure, but my 8-year-old son would be more successful than Patricia has been with … Read more

Dan Orlovsky praises Jim Caldwell, says Lions have regressed under Matt Patricia

It’s no secret that the Detroit Lions haven’t exactly fared well under head coach Matt Patricia, who is now holds a 10-25-1 record following yesterday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints. Embed from Getty Images In fact, among those pining for the days of former head coach Jim Caldwell, who held a winning record three … Read more

Terry Bradshaw blasts Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia

There is no question about it. Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia has failed to live up to expectations since being hired to replace Jim Caldwell. Embed from Getty Images On Sunday, prior to the Lions Week 2 matchup vs. the Green Bay Packers, FOX pregame personality Terry Bradshaw took the opportunity to rip Patricia … Read more

Former Lions head coach Jim Caldwell says Bob Quinn wanted to fire him immediately

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

When Bob Quinn was hired by the Detroit Lions in 2016, many wondered if he would retain head coach Jim Caldwell, who had just followed up a 11-5 2014 season with a 7-9 record in 2015. As we know, Caldwell was retained but according to the former head coach, had the initial decision been up … Read more