Matthew and Kelly Stafford give back to hurricane relief efforts

As we all know, the Detroit Lions recently signed quarterback Matthew Stafford to a five-year $135 million deal, and he is already putting part of it to good use. While Stafford’s wife, Kelly, was working the phones at the Local 4 telethon, the newly crowned highest-paid player in NFL history called in to make a … Read more

How you can help Detroit Lions, JJ Watt with Hurricane Harvey relief

With Hurricane Harvey still dumping rain on Texas and Louisiana, local sports figures have joined the fight to help Houston and the surrounding communities fight through devastation. It is a process that will take months, if not years, and it will utilize every penny raised. The Detroit Lions announced Thursday that they have made an … Read more

NOT SO NICE: NFL stars read ‘Mean Tweets’ about themselves on Kimmel

One of the best parts of Jimmy Kimmel’s show is when famous people come on and read mean tweets about themselves. It seems like NFL stars like Odell Beckham Jr and Rob Gronkowski aren’t immune to some hate. Check it out in the latest version of NFL Mean Tweets:    

R Kelly super fan gets arrested