Flashback: Darren McCarty fights future teammate Joe Kocur [VIDEO]

The two future Grind Line members once went at it with one another! Detroit Red Wings forward Darren McCarty and future Grind-Line member Joey Kocur dropped the gloves against one another when the New York Rangers visited Joe Louis Arena in 1993. Of course, Kocur had already once played with Detroit before leaving for the … Read more

Joe Kocur drops gloves against former Detroit Red Wings teammate Bob Probert (VIDEO)

Former Detroit Red Wings forwards Joe Kocur and Bob Probert were two of the most formidable enforcers in hockey history, forming the intimidating 1-2 punch known as the “Bruise Brothers” during their time in the Motor City. They would both eventually go their separate ways, though Kocur would soon find his way back to Detroit … Read more

Game of the Day: Red Wings defeat Capitals in Game 1 of 1998 Stanley Cup Finals (VIDEO)

The Detroit Red Wings entered the 1998 Stanley Cup Finals against the Washington Capitals heavily favored to repeat as champions. And while Game 1 of the series wasn’t exactly the greatest game from either team, Detroit was able to squeeze out a narrowly fought 2-1 win thanks to goals from Joe Kocur and Nicklas Lidstrom.

Red Wings’ Joe Kocur attacks Edmonton’s Kris King after he injures Kirk Maltby

Joe Kocur formed 1/2 of the legendary “Bruise Brothers” with enforcer Bob Probert, and during their heyday there was no more feared duo in all of the National Hockey League. Though they would both eventually leave the Detroit Red Wings, Kocur would find his way back to the Motor City to aid in two straight … Read more

Top 5 Red Wings Enforcers Since 1980

These days, the Red Wings are usually regarded as a team that relies on skill and finesse and not physical prowess. But throughout their history, the Red Wings have boasted some of the most feared players to have ever dropped the gloves, including who most regard as the greatest fighter in hockey history. Here are … Read more