WATCH: Detroit Lions DE Ziggy Ansah’s ‘Sports Science’ segment

For not playing football until his junior season in college at Brigham Young University, defensive end Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah is slowly climbing up the ranks of the elite in the NFL at his position. Prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft were spotlighted in the ESPN ‘Sports Science’ lab by John Brenkus and his team. The prospects were put through many drills that were assembled to their respective positions.

One prospect in-particular shined bright and that was then BYU defensive end, Ziggy Ansah, who as we all know is a legit beast for our Detroit Lions. He was put through the wringer by Brenkus and really showed the exceptional talent he possessed. Ranked on analyzed lists with the likes of Dwight Freeney and Jason Pierre-Paul, Ziggy showed exactly why the Lions took a chance on him with the fifth overall pick in the draft. Ansah is truly blossoming into one of the best defensive ends in all of football.



WATCH: Miguel Cabrera ‘Sports Science’ segment

Miguel Cabrera has been one of the most productive hitters since he came into the big leagues back in 2003 with the Florida Marlins. Cabrera can spread the ball to all areas of the baseball field and can hit for power. He’s won a Triple Crown and MVP, made All-Star teams, won championships, you name it and Cabrera has done it all in his career thus far.

Before it’s all said and done, Miguel Cabrera will no doubt find his way to Cooperstown once his career comes to an end. ESPN‘s John Brenkus, the creator of the ‘Sports Science’ segments, took some time to spotlight the Detroit Tigers first baseman last August and break down why Miggy is indeed the great hitter he is.

I see ya Miggy!

VIDEO: The Great Debate – Run through or slide into first base?

Everybody has their own opinion on how you go about doing this. You learn about it in little league and it’s something that seems to stick with you throughout your playing days.

ESPN‘s John Brenkus, the host of the popular ‘Sport Science’ episodes that appear on the network, did a segment on the often debated topic in baseball of whether you should run through first base versus sliding into the bag.

It’s a very interesting feature, especially how he’s able to use his technology to really breakdown each attempt and see which choice is the best when in that situation on the diamond. The results were closer than one would initially have thought.

Yet again, a very cool breakdown by Brenkus and the ‘Sports Science’ crew at ESPN.

Watch the video below: