NHL Trading Deadline wrap-up

Most years, there is a large volume of trades on the day of the NHL trade deadline. This year was the exception to that rule. While the days leading up to the today’s deadline were somewhat busy, there were only 12 trades today, none of which involved the Detroit Red Wings. While the team did trade … Read more

Player Profile: Jonas Brodin

The 2011 NHL Draft is almost here, and I for one couldn’t be more excited. The Draft is, in my opinion, the official kick-off party for an off-season that is always a lot of fun. After the draft comes the start of free agency as all of the 30 NHL teams jockey to land the biggest fish, to plug the necessary holes and to make themselves better than they were last year.

Next up in my player profiles to get you ready for Friday’s draft is a Swedish defenseman by the name of Jonas Brodin. Reader Helm4Life asked me to do a profile of this player for them (sweet screen-name by the way), so here it is.

If any other readers want me to profile a certain player before the draft for them, I most certainly will. For example, gfa5eat wanted to see what I had to say about Tomas Jurco, who recently captured the Memorial Cup with the Saint John Seadogs. Jurco is one of four Seadogs expected to go in Round One of the draft.

Also, I will be doing a profile on each and every player the Wings select in the draft.

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Now, on to the missing Jonas brother!

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Red Wings Off-season Preview: Forwards

Quickly, name what’s wrong with the Red Wings forwards!

They are too old right?

Not physical enough?

Too slow?

Whether or not you believe that or not, that is the general belief about the Red Wings forwards and style of play in general.

My goal is to change those stereotypes by identifying some free agents the Wings should target this summer.

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Some Names to Watch on Deadline Day

With less than 24 hours until the NHL trade deadline, there are still plenty of moves to be made. The wheeling and dealing will kick into high gear tomorrow leading up to the 3 p.m. (EST) deadline, so with that said let’s take a look at some players who could be on the move, and where they could end up.

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