Red Wings forward Bob Probert fights teammate Keith Primeau in practice (VIDEO)

Over the course of a hockey season, there are certainly intense moments both on and off the ice – even sometimes between teammates. Emotions can boil over in practice, which is what happened at Joe Louis Arena in January of 1994 between Detroit Red Wings teammates Bob Probert and Keith Primeau, which according to players … Read more

Detroit Red Wings gang up to break Avalanche players stick [Video]

Though it has really toned down over the years, the Detroit Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche once had one of the most heated rivalries in NHL history. Here is a great example of how much the Red Wings and Avalanche hated each other. Watch as Red Wings players Kris Draper, Doug Brown, and Keith Primeau … Read more

Brawl between the USA and Canada at 1996 World Cup (VIDEO)

International competition is supposed to all be about sportsmanship and good competition, but there was clearly no love lost between these two hockey rivals during the 1996 World Cup! During the opening game on August 31 at Philadelphia’s CoreStates Center, things got going early right after the opening face-off. U.S.A. forward Bill Guerin shoved Canada’s … Read more

24 Years in the Playoffs: The Detroit Red Wings

For me, as a 28-year old man, it is hard to imagine being a fan of a hockey team that doesn’t qualify for the playoffs. Having followed the game for as long as I can remember, playoff hockey is just something that is considered “normal”. The Detroit Red Wings have qualified for the playoffs in each of … Read more