Kelly Stafford fires back at Aaron Rodgers over fake quote about Detroit Lions

Kelly Stafford is at it again but this time it appears as if she fell for a fake quote from Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. On Monday, @NFCNorthNewss on Twitter tweeted out the following fake quote from Rodgers, in which he takes a shot at the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. “Kirk and I … Read more

Kelly Stafford tells Matthew Stafford he’s returning to Lions when his contract is done in L.A.

On Friday, Matthew Stafford and Kelly Stafford were back in Detroit to break ground on their expansion of SAY Detroit’s SAY Play Center, named the “Kelly and Matthew Stafford & Friends Education Center.” Embed from Getty Images During the ceremony, which included Mitch Albom, Kelly told Matthew that when his contract is done with the … Read more

Kelly Stafford opens up about Super Bowl parade incident involving Matthew Stafford

By now, you have almost certainly seen the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl parade celebration that involved Matthew Stafford and his wife, Kelly. During the celebration, the Staffords were on a stage along with NFL photographer, Kelly Smiley when Smiley suddenly fell from the stage, fracturing her spine. As soon as Smiley fell, Matthew quickly … Read more

Kelly Stafford reveals what Matthew Stafford said to her the moment the photographer fell off stage

By now, you have almost certainly seen the video of the female photographer who fell off of the stage in front of Matthew Stafford and Kelly Stafford during the Super Bowl Parade. According to the photographer, she fractured her spine and broke her cameras during the fall. As soon as the photographer fell off of … Read more

Photographer who fractured spine in front of Matthew Stafford deletes Twitter page after racist tweets surface

UPDATE: Welp, apparently Kelly Smiley, who was the photographer who fell off the stage and fractured her spine during the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Parade, has a history of posting racist messages on Twitter. As soon as the racist tweets surfaced, Smiley quickly deleted her Twitter account. Check it out. PREVIOUS REPORTS: On … Read more

Los Angeles Rams, Matthew and Kelly Stafford release joint statement regarding woman who fell off stage during Super Bowl Parade

UPDATE: Just moments ago, the Los Angeles Rams and the Stafford’s released a joint statement saying that they will be covering Kelly Smiley’s medical bills and replacing her cameras. The #Rams and the Stafford family announced in a statement that they're paying for photographer Kelly Smiley’s medical expenses and camera equipment after she fell and … Read more

Photographer who fell off stage in front of Matthew and Kelly Stafford reveals major injury [Video]

UPDATE: Apparently, the photographer that fell off the stage in front of Matthew and Kelly Stafford, ended up suffering a severe injury. Following her scary-looking fall, Kelly Smiley took to Twitter to give the update that she was taken to the hospital for x-rays and revealed that she fractured her spine. FROM WEDNESDAY: … Read more

Kelly Stafford sets everyone straight on Matthew Stafford Hall of Fame debate

UPDATE:  Kelly Stafford just took to Instagram to weigh in on the debate that has come about regarding Matthew Stafford and whether or not he is a Hall of Fame quarterback. Kelly nails this! FROM EARLIER: On Sunday, Matthew Stafford proved his doubters wrong once and for all as he and the Los Angeles Rams … Read more

Matthew Stafford reveals NFL goal on ‘The Morning After With Kelly Stafford’ podcast

As we all know, Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford is not exactly a fan of talking about his personal life to the media. In fact, Stafford is fine with just talking about the game that was just played or that is coming up and moving on with his life. He is not on social … Read more

Video emerges of pandemonium in Stafford suite as Rams win Super Bowl LVI

The Los Angeles Rams are Super Bowl Champions and nobody is more excited than former Detroit Lions QB turned ESPN analyst, Dan Orlovsky. On Sunday night, Orlovsky, who is a close friend of Matthew and Kelly Stafford, was in the Stafford suite to watch Super Bowl LVI. At the moment the Rams secured the Super … Read more

Video emerges of Kelly Stafford losing it the moment Matthew Stafford wins Super Bowl LVI

Matthew Stafford is a Super Bowl Champion! A year after being traded from the Detroit Lions to the Los Angeles Rams, Stafford and his teammates came from behind to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 in Super Bowl LVI. Here is a video of Stafford’s wife Kelly the moment that the Rams won the Super Bowl. … Read more

Matthew Stafford skips Kylie Jenner’s party to watch golf [Video]

When Matthew and Kelly Stafford moved from Michigan to California, the scenery certainly changed quite a bit. Not only was the weather better but according to Kelly, their new neighbor is Kylie Jenner. Kelly recently joined @KFCradio and she told a story about how Matthew skipped Jenner’s party to watch golf. Check it out. The … Read more

Kelly Stafford posts video of amazing Super Bowl sendoff for Matthew Stafford [Video]

Whether you like it or now, it’s happening. Later today, former Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford will be playing in the Super Bowl with his new team, the Los Angeles Rams, as they take on Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. On Saturday, Stafford’s wife Kelly, and a bunch of his family and closest friends … Read more

Kelly Stafford takes to Instagram to post message for Detroit Lions fans rooting for her husband

For 12 years, Matthew Stafford was a lightning rod as he quarterbacked the Detroit Lions. Either you loved him and thought he was a very good quarterback or you thought he was the reason why the Lions were losing year after year. But by the time Stafford was traded to the Rams, the majority of … Read more

Kelly Stafford has message for Detroit Lions fans after Matthew Stafford advances to Super Bowl

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

On Sunday, Matthew Stafford orchestrated another fourth-quarter comeback as the Los Angeles Rams defeated the San Francisco 49ers 20-17 to advance to the Super Bowl. During here latest episode of ‘The Morning After With Kelly Stafford‘ Kelly talked about all of the support that both Matthew and she have received from Detroit Lions fans. From … Read more