Matthew Stafford’s wife emphasizes what Detroit Lions will lose if they lose her husband

As the 2020 season has moved along, more and more people have jumped on the “trade Matthew Stafford” bandwagon. I am not one of those people (editorial coming soon) as I believe Stafford is the heart and soul of the Detroit Lions‘ franchise. Following Sunday’s loss to the Tennessee Titans, Stafford’s wife Kelly took to … Read more

Kelly Stafford was not ‘pleased’ when Matthew Stafford told her he was playing this week

Had Matthew Stafford decided not to play on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, not a single person with a brain would have held it against him. That being said, anyone who has followed Stafford since he was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 2009 knew he was doing to do everything in his power to … Read more

Kelly and Matthew Stafford have important request and need your help

If you have followed Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly, you have surely heard about many of the great things they do for our community. One thing the Stafford’s do each year around Christmas time is they identify families who are in need and they surprise them with a truck full of … Read more

Kelly Stafford doubles down on apology for recent comments

Kelly Stafford once again found herself in the news last week with her explosive reaction to the latest round of COVID-19 guidelines in the state of Michigan, referring to the measures as “living in a dictatorship“. Embed from Getty Images She later issued an apology for her comments, and has since issued yet another doubling … Read more

Fans respond to Kelly Stafford referring to Michigan as a ‘dictatorship’

Kelly Stafford, who is the wife of Detroit Lions‘ quarterback Matthew Stafford, managed to get quite the rise out of people on social media after she referred to Michigan as a dictatorship. Here is what Kelly said in a video posted to her Instagram story on Thursday. “So I’m going to be very blunt: I’m … Read more

Kelly Stafford takes to Instagram to apologize for ‘Living in a dictatorship that we call Michigan’ comment [Video]

UPDATE: Kelly Stafford has now posted a new video in which she apologizes for her “I’m over living in a dictatorship that we call Michigan,” comment that she posted in video form to Facebook earlier today. Kelly said her original comment came “in the heat of the moment” and that she apologizes. Kelly Stafford apologizes … Read more

Kelly Stafford posts video: ‘I’m over living in a dictatorship that we call Michigan’

One thing that we have learned over the years is that Kelly Stafford, the wife of Detroit Lions‘ quarterback Matthew Stafford, is not shy at all about voicing their opinion over Instagram. Kelly’s latest rant is in response to Governor Gretchen Whitmer putting Michigan in a 3-week pause. Stafford is clearly not thrilled about Whitmer’s … Read more

Kelly Stafford posts emotional video of Matthew Stafford seeing his daughters for first time in over a week

Just over a week ago, the Detroit Lions announced that Matthew Stafford was being placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list after he came into close contact with a person who had tested positive for the coronavirus. Embed from Getty Images Because of that, Stafford was forced to leave his family and quarantine in a hotel room … Read more

Matthew Stafford’s latest COVID-19 test result update comes from source we can trust

Detroit Lions

As you have certainly heard by now, the Detroit Lions placed Matthew Stafford on the Reserve/COVID-19 list on Wednesday. According to reports, Stafford did not test positive himself, but instead, was in close contact with somebody who did test positive for the coronavirus. That being said, if Stafford is able to test negative for the … Read more

Kelly Stafford bashes NFL after Matthew Stafford news: ‘Now I’m a solo parent’

On Wednesday, the Detroit Lions announced that they had placed Matthew Stafford on the Reserve/COVID-19 list. Embed from Getty Images Since the announcement was released, reports have surfaced that Stafford was in close contact with a person (not on the team) who tested positive for the virus and that he had not tested positive himself. … Read more

Kelly Stafford takes to Instagram as Matthew Stafford is placed on Reserve/COVID-19 list

Kelly Stafford, who dealt with Matthew Stafford being placed on the Reserve/COVID-19 list prior to the start of the regular season, has taken to Instagram, and as she said…here we go again. UPDATE: According to an update from Adam Schefter, Stafford has not yet tested positive for COVID-19 but he is considered a “high-risk close … Read more

Kelly Stafford has advice for Detroit newspaper ripping her husband: ‘Stick to EVERYTHING besides sports’

On Sunday, Matthew Stafford completed 24 of 42 passes for 336 yards and 3 touchdowns to go along with one interception. His passer rating for the game was 96.9 and just looking at the numbers, you would think he played a solid game. Now, I am not here to say Stafford played the perfect game, … Read more

Kelly Stafford takes to Instagram to rip Ford Field’s game day atmosphere

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

Following the Detroit Lions loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, Colts quarterback Philip Rivers was asked about what it was like to play at Ford Field with only 500 fans. Rivers’ response was interesting. “I cannot tell you how dead it was,” Rivers told reporters. But Rivers was not the only one who thought … Read more