Kelly Stafford makes big announcement on Instagram

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

On Tuesday night, a report surfaced that Matthew and Kelly Stafford were paying for first responders meals at Wahlburgers in Royal Oak up to $5,000. Following the report, Kelly took to Instagram to announce that she and Matthew “will be doing this at multiple restaurants in Michigan” and that she would announce those restaurants via … Read more

Matthew and Kelly Stafford step up to help first responders

If you have followed Matthew and Kelly Stafford throughout the years, you are well aware of how generous they are when it comes to helping others in need. That’s exactly what the Detroit Lions quarterback and his wife are doing again, this time for first responders who eat at Wahlburgers in Royal Oak. According to … Read more

Kelly Stafford’s latest video post to Instagram will have you questioning your life

Kelly Stafford is an absolute beast when it comes to determination. In the past calendar year, Kelly not only found out she had a brain tumor but she powered through a 12-hour surgery to remove it. Then, as we found out recently, she has been recovering from the surgery while also being pregnant. On Tuesday, … Read more

Kelly Stafford posts hilarious video of Matthew Stafford singing ‘It’s getting hot in here’

It’s not often that we get to see Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford having a good time but thanks to his wife Kelly, we have you covered! Watch as Matthew, Kelly, and some of their friends sing “It’s getting hot in here” during a wedding reception they attended this weekend. It’s getting hot in here! … Read more

Kelly Stafford gives update on Matthew Stafford’s back injury in heartfelt Instagram message

As we inch closer to the 2020 NFL season, one of the biggest questions is how healthy will Matthew Stafford‘s back be? Well, according to a heartfelt message just posted to Instagram by Kelly Stafford, Matthew’s back is completely healed. “This game was a few weeks after I told Matthew I was expecting, well … Read more

Kelly Stafford confirms a ‘Party of 6’ will stay a ‘Party of 6’

We get it, at this point, you are probably thinking that Detroit Sports Nation is starting to sound like TMZ following around Kelly Stafford. Well, you can say what you want but on Sunday, Kelly confirmed that she and Matthew Stafford will be having their fourth child this coming summer and we cannot be more happy … Read more

Kelly Stafford reveals big announcement via Instagram

Just moments ago, Kelly Stafford, the wife of Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford revealed on Instagram that they are expecting their fourth child. Kelly made sure to note that the baby is due this summer so Matthew will be ready to roll by training camp! Congrats and God Bless!

Matthew Stafford appears annoyed with Kelly Stafford filming him

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

Matthew Stafford has made it pretty clear that he what’s absolutely nothing to do with social media. In fact, Stafford is nowhere to be found on any social media platform. His wife Kelly, on the other hand, loves her some Instagram. Kelly has given us some fun content to post over the years and she … Read more

Kelly Stafford takes to Instagram, reveals where Matthew Stafford will play in 2020

Hopefully, this will put an end to all of the Matthew Stafford trade rumors. On Friday night, not long after Stafford’s agent Tom Condon told Michael Silver that his client did not want out of Detroit, Kelly Stafford took to Instagram with a message of her own. As you can see, Kelly quoted P. Diddy … Read more

Kelly Stafford posts video of her and Matthew Stafford skydiving

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

Back in 2015, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and (his now wife) Kelly tied the knot and one of the ways they celebrated on their Honeymoon was by taking a trip to New Zealand, where the two went skydiving. Embed from Getty Images Following their trip, Kelly posted some photos to her Instagram page but … Read more

Kelly Stafford hints at preferred trade destination for Matthew Stafford

It’s that time of year when NFL rumors are being thrown around like they are a dirty pair of socks. One rumor that is spreading around these parts was actually reported by Bernie Smilovitz on WDIV Detroit late Wednesday night. Embed from Getty Images Smilowitz reported that the Lions have been involved in trade talks … Read more

Kelly Stafford posts interesting message: ‘If Detroit is done with us…’

Let me begin by saying it again for those of you who cannot hear very well… MATTHEW STAFFORD WILL BE A DETROIT LION IN 2020!! Embed from Getty Images That being said, there have been plenty of reports (rumors) about the Lions trading Stafford and drafting Tua Tagovailoa in the upcoming draft. Well, Kelly Stafford … Read more

Matthew and Kelly Stafford honor Kobe Bryant on Instagram

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

This past Sunday, the world suffered a tragedy when Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others were killed in a helicopter crash. As you probably know, Kobe had four daughters with his wife Vanessa. Following Bryant’s death, the hashtag #GirlDad was created after ESPN anchor Elle Duncan shared a story of hers about a … Read more

Kelly Stafford responds to question regarding Matthew Stafford leaving the Lions for a ring

Back in October, Kelly Stafford, who is the wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, decided to have some fun on Instagram by allowing fans to ask her some questions. One of the questions Kelly received was, “Would y’all leave Detroit…just for a ring?” Kelly’s response was one that Matthew Stafford supporters will love and … Read more

Kelly Stafford ‘in awe’ of Marvin Jones’ family following son Marlo’s passing

As you have probably heard by now, an absolute tragedy happened this past week as Marlo Jones, the infant son of Detroit Lions WR Marvin Jones Jr. and his wife Jazmyn, passed away unexpectedly. Embed from Getty Images On Monday, Kelly Stafford took to Instagram to ask for more prayers and to talk about what … Read more

Matthew and Kelly Stafford post Christmas wish for everyone

We missed this yesterday because we were busy spending time with our loved ones but here is a Happy Holiday/Merry Christmas wish from the Stafford family! “The greatest gifts I could have ever hoped for are all in this picture. We are so very grateful for so many things this Christmas. We hope all of … Read more