JUST IN: Matthew Stafford comments on possibility of not playing in 2019

It has been an extremely challenging spring for Detroit Lions‘ quarterback Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly. Kelly was diagnosed with a brain tumor which was removed during a 12-hour surgery. She is now back at home recovering but it has not been easy. When news broke that Kelly had the brain tumor that required … Read more

LOOK: Kelly Stafford reaches goal, posts photo on Instagram

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

Approximately one month ago, Kelly Stafford had brain surgery. Now, despite having a setback which included an emergency room visit, Stafford has reached one of her post-surgery goals. On Monday, Stafford posted a photo of her and her husband Matthew Stafford from a wedding they attended this past weekend in Atlanta. A big goal of … Read more

JUST IN: Kelly Stafford posts 3 a.m. Instagram message that will break your heart

On Wednesday afternoon, news broke that Kelly Stafford, who had just returned home this past weekend following brain surgery, was forced back into the ER after her pain began to get out of control. From Kelly’s Instagram: “A little update:  I thought I could do it. They told me tapering off the steroids was going … Read more

BREAKING: Matthew Stafford returns to Detroit Lions’ training facility ready to work

According to reports, Matthew Stafford, despite being told to take as much time as he needs, returned to the Detroit Lions‘ training facility on Monday. With Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, undergoing 12 hours of brain surgery and returning home only last weekend, the Lions told their QB to take as much time off as needed … Read more

LOOK: Kelly Stafford’s latest post-surgery update will bring tears to your eyes

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

On Easter Sunday, Kelly Stafford put out a message on Instagram indicating that her surgery, though longer than expected, was successful and that she is now at home. https://www.instagram.com/p/BwiUb2uho-C/ On Monday, Kelly posted a new message, which as a parent, is very hard to imagine. From MLive: “Sitting in this dark room in pain, but … Read more

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Earlier this week, Kelly Stafford‘s brother posted a photo on Instagram which showed Kelly in the hospital preparing for brain surgery. Since that post, there have not been any updates on Kelly and all we can do is keep her in our thoughts and prayers that all went well and she has a speedy and … Read more

Detroit Lions’ GM Bob Quinn asked about contingency plan for starting season without Matthew Stafford

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There are more important things that football and one of those things is family. For Detroit Lions‘ quarterback Matthew Stafford, his family has always been at the top of his list and it most certainly is now as his wife Kelly was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. Kelly recently announced she had a brain … Read more

WATCH: Detroit Lions’ GM Bob Quinn responds to question regarding Kelly and Matthew Stafford

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Detroit Pistons

As you know by now, Kelly Stafford, the wife of Detroit Lions‘ quarterback Matthew Stafford, was diagnosed with a brain tumor which required surgery. That surgery reportedly took place on Wednesday and there has not been any news leaked as to how it went. On Thursday, during Bob Quinn‘s pre-draft press conference, Quinn as asked … Read more

LOOK: Kelly Stafford’s brother posts pre-surgery photo of her on Instagram

On Tuesday, Kelly Stafford posted a message as she was packing to go to the hospital.

On Wednesday morning, her brother Chad posted a photo with Kelly as she is in the hospital preparing for surgery.


As Kelly Stafford prepares for brain surgery, we continue to send our thoughts and prayers.