Could former Detroit Lions HC Matt Patricia be in line for a new gig in 2021?

Heading into the 2020 season, the hope was that Matt Patricia would somehow pull off a miracle by turning around the Detroit Lions. Though that was a pipe dream, some believed that he could still make the Lions’ defense formidable and that the offense would do the rest. Well, as we know now, the Lions … Read more

Chris Spielman reportedly deletes pro-Bob Quinn, Matt Patricia tweets

UPDATE: According to Michael David Smith, Chris Spielman appears to have deleted some of his pro-Quinn, pro-Patricia tweets. I like Chris Spielman. But he said over and over again that Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia were building the Lions the right way. So why do the Lions think Spielman is the guy to improve things … Read more

Adrian Peterson throws shade at Matt Patricia without even saying his name

It is no mystery that former Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia ruled with an iron fist and rubbed quite a few players the wrong way before he was eventually shown the door. In fact, since Patricia was replaced by Darrell Bevell, the mood around the Lions facility in Allen Park, according to multiple reports, … Read more

Matt Patricia shows true colors following Darrell Bevell’s first win as Lions’ HC

On Sunday, Darrell Bevell got his first chance to take the field as head coach (technically, interim head coach) of an NFL team when he led the Detroit Lions into Soldier field to take on the Chicago Bears. When all was said and done, Bevell had also won his first game as an NFL head … Read more

5 College coaches who could replace Matt Patricia

FINALLY! Following their Thanksgiving debacle against the Houston Texans,  the Detroit Lions have finally moved on from head coach Matt Patricia. Embed from Getty Images Patricia had his shot to make his mark on a Lions franchise that has suffered for so long but he failed miserably. Because of that, envisioning owner Sheila Ford Hamp … Read more

There was ‘tension’ between Matthew Stafford and Matt Patricia

During his time as head coach of the Detroit Lions, Matt Patricia seemingly made more ‘enemies’ than he did friends and according to Kyle Meinke of MLive, one of those enemies, at least early on,  just so happened to be Lions’ quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Embed from Getty Images In a recent mailbag piece, Meinke was … Read more

Jamie Collins reacts to “tough” firing of Matt Patricia

The Detroit Lions pulled the trigger on a franchise altering pair of moves on Saturday, presenting maligned head coach Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn with their walking papers. Embed from Getty Images “Unfortunately, we haven’t won enough over the last three seasons,” team owner Sheila Ford-Hamp said in her statement following the announcement of … Read more

Special teams coordinator Brayden Coombs is not happy about Matt Patricia firing

On Saturday, Detroit Lions fans and many former Lions players (and probably quite a few current players) were dancing in the streets upon hearing the news that Matt Patricia had been fired. But one person who does not sound happy at all is special teams coordinator, Brayden Coombs. On Tuesday, Coombs spoke told media members … Read more

Creator of Matt Patricia ‘burner’ Twitter account reveals himself

UPDATE: The creator of the alleged Matt Patricia “burner” Twitter account that has gone viral has revealed himself! His real name is Dylan Cardwell and he is a Los Angeles Rams fan who decided to have a little bit of fun. Below is Cardwell revealing that he is indeed the creator of the “burner” Twitter … Read more

Did Jim Caldwell just expose Matt Patricia on Adam Schefter’s podcast?

When it comes to current or former Detroit Lions‘ head coaches, there have never been two that are more different from each other than Matt Patricia and Jim Caldwell. Embed from Getty Images Caldwell was a players’ coach who led by example. His players loved him and they played hard for him every single game. … Read more

Detroit Lions players and coaches thanked Sheila Ford Hamp for firing Matt Patricia

The dictator is gone and the Detroit Lions can now move on to their next chapter. On Saturday, Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp made it official that both HC Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn had been fired, effective immediately. Following the news, plenty of former Lions players took to social media to take a … Read more

ESPN writer suggests Matt Patricia reunion with New England Patriots

The Detroit Lions finally pulled the trigger on a much-needed personnel change on Saturday afternoon, relieving head coach Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn of their duties. Embed from Getty Images Patricia arrived in Detroit in 2018 after several years of serving as defensive coordinator of the New England Patriots. Could a ruining potentially be … Read more

Glover Quin becomes latest former Detroit Lions player to say ‘peace out’ to Quinntricia

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

Ever since the moment the Detroit Lions announced they were firing Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia, former players Lions’ players have been taking to social media to share their thoughts on the matter. That latest to share his thought is former Lions safety, Glover Quin, who has previously made it clear that he was not … Read more