Michael Jordan’s son booked following assault of hospital worker

According to a report from TMZ, Jeffrey Jordan, who is the son of Hall of Fame basketball player Michael Jordan, has been booked following the alleged assault of a hospital worker. From TMZ: Jeffrey Jordan, Michael Jordan‘s 32-year-old son, is accused of assaulting staff at a hospital in Arizona Friday night, where he was being treated … Read more

Original ‘Space Jam’ director blasts LeBron James and ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ movie

Joe Pytka, who is the director of the original Space Jam movie that starred Michael Jordan, is not holding back when it comes to blasting LeBron James and the standalone sequel of his movie, ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’. From TMZ Sports: Pytka — who’s also known for directing popular music videos and commercials in the … Read more

Skip Bayless blasts LeBron James performance in Space Jam: A New Legacy [Video]

In case you have not heard, Space Jam: A New Legacy starring LeBron James opened in theaters (and HBO Max) this past weekend and it did quite well in terms of ticket sales. According to the critics, the standalone sequel to Space Jam (1996) featuring Michael Jordan, is not exactly living up to the hype. … Read more

Detroit Pistons Bad Boy Rick Mahorn has message for Michael Jordan, 1991 Chicago Bulls [Video]

It has been very well-documented that rather than waiting to shake hands, the Detroit Pistons walked off the court as the final seconds ticked off the clock in their 1991 Eastern Conference Finals loss against the Chicago Bulls. Many moons have passed since that day but former Pistons forward Rick Mahorn refuses to apologize to … Read more

LeBron James reveals offseason priority and it has more to do with Michael Jordan than winning a title

The King has fallen. On Thursday night, LeBron James was eliminated in the first round of the NBA Playoffs for the first time in his career as the Phoenix Suns went into Hollywood and destroyed the Los Angeles Lakers by a score of 113-100. One would think that James, during his post-game presser, would vow … Read more

Comedian Bill Burr posts NFSW video bashing ‘Bad Boys’ Detroit Pistons

*Originally published on May 11, 2020 If you had not heard, there has been a docuseries running on ESPN featuring Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. During the series, which is titled, “The Last Dance,” Michael Jordan has taken every opportunity to bash Isiah Thomas and the Detroit Pistons for when the Pistons walked off … Read more

Keegan-Michael Key plays Michael Jordan in SNL ‘The Last Dance’ sketch

By now, you have almost certainly heard of (and probably seen) the scene from ‘The Last Dance’ which features Chicago Bulls legend Micael Jordan playing quarters with his security guard, John Michael Wozniak. Well, on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, comedian/actor Keegan-Michael Key played Jordan and Heidi Gardner portrayed Wozniak in an “Extended … Read more

Kobe Bryant’s presenter revealed for enshrinement into Basketball Hall of Fame

During his 20-year NBA career, the late Kobe Bryant did it all. He made All-Star teams (18 of them), won a Slam Dunk title, was named to All-NBA teams (11 times), won scoring titles, and of course, won five NBA Championships. Tragically, Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash in January 2020, along with his … Read more

Detroit Pistons ‘Bad Boy’ Rick Mahorn fights the 1987 Chicago Bulls [Video]

So… this is when Detroit Pistons bruiser Rick Mahorn decided he was going to fight the entire Chicago Bulls active roster, plus coaching staff. What kicked off as a horse collar wrap-up on Michael Jordan quickly turned into a face-to-face showdown with Charles Oakley. As Mahorn naturally gravitated toward the Bulls’ bench, everyone took a … Read more

Former Detroit Pistons Bad Boy Rick Mahorn throws shade at Michael Jordan

When it comes to the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys teams of the mid to late ’90s, one of the first players you think of is Rick Mahorn. From 1985-1989, Mahorn was a member of the Bad Boys’ team that went on to win the 1989 NBA Championship. During his run with the Pistons, one of … Read more

Detroit Pistons great Isiah Thomas continues to diss Michael Jordan

When it comes to the “Who is the greatest NBA player of all-time” debate, there are generally two players who are in the conversation. Those two players are Michael Jordan (who is the GOAT) and LeBron James (who wants to be Mike but can’t be). Embed from Getty Images One person who disagrees with that … Read more

Audio surfaces of Michael Jordan blocking Isiah Thomas from ‘Dream Team’

There has been plenty of speculation about whether or not Michael Jordan was the reason why Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas was not selected to play on the 1992 Olympic Dream Team. During an episode of The Last Dance, Jordan said he was not responsible for Thomas not being selected for the team, though he … Read more

Pistons legend Isiah Thomas disrespects Michael Jordan with latest comment

If you happened to catch ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ docuseries, you have certainly picked up on the hatred that Michael Jordan has for former Detroit Pistons PG Isiah Thomas. In fact, it seemed like Jordan made it a point to take as many shots as he possibly could at Thomas and his ‘Bad Boys’ teammates. … Read more

Former Spartans standout Miles Bridges calls Michael Jordan’s bluff

In case it has not been shoved down your throat enough over the past month or so on ‘The Last Dance,’ Michael Jordan is extremely competitive. Back in 2015, when Jordan was 52, he was asked by France’s L’Equipe if he thought he could beat his Charlotte Hornets players one-on-one. Jordan’s response was predictable. L’Equipe: … Read more

Jeff Blashill optimistic for Red Wings draft thanks to “The Last Dance”

NHL: Detroit Red Wings at Washington Capitals

The Detroit Red Wings are hoping for the chance to be able to draft a franchise altering player this year, and head coach Jeff Blashill is optimistic regarding that potential. In an interview with WXYZ’s Brad Galli, Blashill explained that he believes that regardless of what position they ultimately draft in, they’ll end up with … Read more