7 Michigan Wolverines included in latest CBS NFL Mock Draft


Last season, the Michigan Wolverines sent ten players to the National Football League. And if the latest prediction from CBS Sports is any indication, the Wolverines are on the verge of once again sending a bevy of talent to the professional ranks. Let’s take a look at who they’re projecting will soon take their talents … Read more

Report: NFL could consider adding a buffer “Week 18”

We’ve already begun seeing the complications that have arisen with several positive COVID-19 tests among NFL teams, including a false-positive that initially put today’s Lions/Saints game in doubt. Embed from Getty Images According to a report from The Washington Post, the NFL is reportedly considering adding a “Buffer Week”, which would be a so-called “Week … Read more

NFL to play Black national anthem prior to Week 1 matchups


The National Football League has extended announced that there will be another addition to their Week 1 games as a show of solidarity with players speaking up about social issues. “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing”, otherwise known as the Black national anthem, will be performed live or played prior to “The Star Spangled Banner” before … Read more

NFLPA advises players not to work out together

As the calendar inches closer towards the start of football season, there remains plenty of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already affected the efforts of other professional sports leagues to return to their seasons that had been paused earlier in the year. In a statement released earlier today, NFLPA medical director Dr. … Read more

Adrian Peterson: NFL players “without a doubt” will kneel for anthem next season

The controversy involving National Football League players kneeling for the national anthem prior to games doesn’t appear to be over in the slightest. According to Adrian Peterson, there’s “no doubt” that players will be kneeling once again. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick gained national attention for his silent protest prior to games, which … Read more

Detroit Lions set to lose hundreds of millions in revenue if games don’t have fans

Thanks to the spread of COVID-19, the National Football League has been discussing ways to safely be able to play in 2020, and among the proposals include playing games without any fans in the stands. Based on 2018 numbers, the League as a whole would lose a cool $5.5 billion in stadium revenue, while the … Read more

NFL owners table resolution to reward teams for hiring minority coaches and GMs


There was plenty of reaction after a controversial proposal that would incentivize NFL teams to hire minorities as coaches and general managers was introduced last week. And now, it doesn’t look like that proposal will be gaining any steam with the League. According to Jim Trotter of NFL Media, NFL owners have decided to table … Read more

NFL testing facemasks with N95 or surgical material for games


In an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, the National Football League is testing a new form of player protection. ESPN’s Adam Schefter hosted NFLPA medical director Thom Mayer on his podcast, who recommended that players wear the modified facemasks with surgical or N95 material built in protect themselves and others: “Yes, it’s a … Read more

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sends memo about reopening their facilities

Thanks to the spread of COVID-19, the National Football League instituted a mandated closing of team and player facilities in the best interest of public safety. As such, all team meetings have been conducted entirely in a virtual format, as well as the 2020 NFL Draft. Commissioner Roger Goodell sent the following memo to all … Read more

NFL considering plans to reward teams for hiring minorities as coaches and GM’s

The National Football League is set to introduce two resolutions for team owners to vote on that would incentivize the hiring of more minorities as head coaches and general managers. A mere three of the past 20 head coaching vacancies in the NFL have been filled by a person of color, which commissioner Roger Goodell … Read more

Former Michigan Wolverines OT Taylor Lewan’s insane workout (VIDEO)

While the National Football League awaits the reopening of player facilities thanks to the spread of COVID-19, players have been forced to improvise their workouts. Former Michigan Wolverines offensive tackle Taylor Lewan improvised a pretty impressive workout involving a truck: Conquering the quarantine one truck push at a time 🎥: @TaylorLewan77 pic.twitter.com/AW8jL0ruCB — Tennessee Titans … Read more

MUST SEE VIDEO: Kareem Hunt latest accused of domestic violence

In a seemingly neverending saga for the NFLPA, Kareem Hunt is the latest to be accused of domestic violence with video evidence to back it up. KC Chiefs Running Back Kareem Hunt Brutalizes and Kicks Woman in Hotel Video https://t.co/o3UZsnKM02 — TMZ Sports (@TMZ_Sports) November 30, 2018 The event in question is from early in … Read more