Sports Carnage Episode 21: Final Four Recap, NBA & NHL Playoff Previews, Paul George’s Greatness (Or Not), and Our Worst Takes Relived

Matt, Dylan, Paul and Ryan recap the Final Four while Paul bathes in righteous glory, finally get to the NBA talk Ryan and Matt have been thirsting after, talk potential upsets early in the NBA and NHL Playoffs, and cop to their worst takes in the past year(ish). Subscribe: PodBean OR Itunes Download this episode: … Read more

Sports Carnage Episode 15: Matt’s Takeover, Massage Parlor Mishaps, Dylan the Slanderer, Paul Disgraces the Deceased, and Ryan Owns Grizzly Takes

Listen to Ryan, Dylan, Paul and Matt discuss the fallout of Robert Kraft’s loneliness, compare it to other Team Owner scandals, finally dish on the Michigan and Michigan State hoops teams, argue about the scariest teams in the NCAA tourney, make early NBA Playoff predictions, and give their Grizzly Takes on the best of March … Read more

DSN NBA Finals Predictions

It’s finally here. After sitting through two months of what most people called unbearable playoffs, we finally get the match-up we’ve been waiting for since last June. The rubber match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. The finals aren’t scheduled to tip-off until June 1st, but like any good … Read more

The best internet reactions to Cleveland’s 44 point beatdown of the Boston Celtics

The internet can be a very creative and sometimes utterly hilarious place. Sports, in particular, has brought pages like NFL Memes, NBA Memes, and MLB Memes to give us perfect reactions to things that happen in the day-to-day world of sports. Last night, this creativity was sparked swiftly by the Cleveland Cavaliers laying the beatdown … Read more

The Pistons are quitting on Stan Van Gundy

We can all remember the days when Detroit sports fans were proudly proclaiming Detroit Pistons head coach/team president Stan Van Gundy as far and away the best coach the town had to offer on the professional sports level. In the words of the great Bob Dylan – “the times they are a changin’”. The Pistons … Read more

Where do the Pistons currently stand in the playoff race?

It’s been an up-and-down, but mostly down for the Detroit Pistons. Before losing five out of their last six games, the Pistons had an 18-game stretch where they went 12-6. So where has wiping out essentially all of their progress gotten them? Out of the playoff picture. Cavaliers (46-24) Celtics (46-26) Wizards (43-28) Raptors (42-29) … Read more

Rip Hamilton: The ’04 Pistons would beat the current Golden State Warriors

Members of Detroit’s last championship basketball team have been making headlines recently. First, former Piston forward Tayshaun Prince said the Pistons of the mid-2000s era could have won four titles if they had drafted Carmelo Anthony over Darko Milicic with the second pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. Former teammate Richard ‘Rip’ Hamilton decided to see … Read more

Pistons’ statistical rank among East playoff teams

It feels good to have playoff basketball back, even if the Pistons are just an eight-seed. They’re no ordinary eight-seed though, the Eastern conference was much tougher than in year’s past and there is no easy or mediocre team in East side of the playoff field this year. The Pistons have beaten the top teams … Read more