Designer releases ‘Reverse Retro’ Detroit Lions jersey [Photo]

If you follow the National Hockey League, you have likely heard of the ‘Reverse Retro’ jerseys that teams are wearing during the 2020-21 season. With that concept in mind, designer @petemrogers has developed his line of NFL ‘Reverse Retro’ jerseys and as you can see below, he has released the jerseys for the Detroit Lions … Read more

What the Detroit Red Wings new ‘Reverse Retro’ jersey should have looked like [Photo]

Detroit Red Wings

If you are a fan of the Detroit Red Wings (you are or you would not have clicked on this), you have probably seen the new ‘Reverse Retro’ jerseys that they will wear from time to time during the 2020-21 season. In case you have already wiped the ‘Reverse Retro’ jersey from your memory because … Read more

NHL releases video teasing new Detroit Red Wings’ Reverse Retro jersey

Detroit Red Wings

If you have been following along with the NHL jersey rumors floating around, you are well aware that the league is expected to release “Reverse Retro” jerseys for each team for the 2020-21 season. Of course, this includes the Detroit Red Wings. On Tuesday, the NHL released a teaser video that promotes the “Reverse Retro” … Read more