Malice at the Palace: How it happened, why, and what’s happened since [Video]

Who remembers the 2004 game between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers at the Palace of Auburn Hills that would famously and forever be coined, “the Malice at the Palace?” Well, that game took place 17 years ago, today. The Game It was November 19, and the Pacers met the Pistons at the Palace, hoping to redeem themselves after the … Read more

Top 10 fights in sports history [Video]

It’s Wednesday and we know you are probably sitting at home right now wondering what you are going to do this weekend. Trust me, we are doing the same thing. We also know that you are probably looking at your texts, hoping somebody invites you to an outdoor party where masks and social distancing are … Read more

Stephen Jackson says he does not regret hitting Detroit Pistons fan

It was one of the darkest moments in NBA history, but would the punishments have been different had it happened today? With 49 seconds remaining in a November 2004 game between the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers, Pistons center Ben Wallace went up for a layup, but was fouled by Pacers small forward Ron Artest. … Read more

Reggie Miller drops bombshell on ‘Malice at the Palace’ 15-year anniversary

*Published on 11/19/19 15 years ago, an incident happened at the Palace of Auburn Hills that nobody who witnessed it — either live or on television — will ever forget. On November 19th, 2004, the Detroit Pistons squared off against the Indiana Pacers in an early-season game that most did not think too much of. … Read more

DSN Exclusive Interview with Detroit Pistons announcer Mason

Deee-troit Basketball! Every Detroit Pistons’ fan immediately knows the popular chant that became a staple at home games during the 2004 championship run. It’s become a rallying cry behind some of the biggest moments in Pistons’ history and still pumps up the fans today. But who is the man who’s voice has become synonymous with Motor … Read more

Former Pacer Stephen Jackson reveals unknown details about ‘Malice at the Palace’

Earlier this week, The Rich Eisen Show hosted former Indiana Pacers starter Stephen Jackson. He shared his inside thoughts about one of the most infamous sports moments in US history – the “Malice at the Palace.”  Late in the fourth quarter of a November 19th, 2004 game at the Palace of Auburn Hills, the Indiana Pacers … Read more

Over 12 years later, Metta World Peace is at peace with the Palace brawl

Metta World Peace, the controversial NBA player formerly known as Ron Artest, spoke before the Los Angeles Lakers’ matchup against the Detroit Pistons at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Wednesday about his memories of the venue, including the infamous brawl in November of 2004. “I see the flashbacks sometimes. Not necessarily out here – … Read more

It was this play, not Tayshaun’s block, that led to the Pistons’ 2004 Finals berth

There’s no anniversary coming up, it’s not Richard Hamilton’s birthday, and it’s not even a hashtag-ready flashback theme day. But the truth of the matter is, I get a little bit of cabin fever when the Pistons don’t play for two nights. So I try to fill that void… with more Pistons. That’s how I ended up back … Read more

The Malice at the Palace: Then & Now

November 19, 2004. The ugliest incident in NBA history, and possibly American sports altogether, occurred 12 years ago today. For many, we remember exactly where we were when Indiana Pacers forward Ron Artest made the fateful decision to stampede into the stands toward a man standing frozen in fear and displaying the type of disbelief consistent with watching … Read more