5 Greatest quarterbacks in Detroit Lions history

The Detroit Lions have only won one playoff game since the 1950s but have had a handful of solid quarterbacks nearly take them to the next level. From Bobby Layne winning an NFL Championship in the 1950s to Matthew Stafford breaking every Lions record known to man, Detroit quarterbacks have always been able to sling … Read more

9 Most hated Detroit sports athletes in recent history

One thing is for sure, Detroit fans are extremely passionate about their sports. The athletes that play hard, do well, and show loyalty will always have a place in the hearts of the fans. That being said, if a player does not do those things, they will soon become hated for all time. Here is … Read more

Flashback Friday: Remembering PASS Sports

Throwback time. For much of the 25 and under crowd, it may be tough to believe there was ever a time before Fox Sports Detroit. Alas, prior to FSD’s takeover, the regional sports airways were owned by the one, the only, PASS Sports: A little background: The Pro-Am Sports Network (PASS) got its start in 1983, … Read more