Section 313, Seat No. 22: Nicholas Castellanos is getting better in right field, whether you like it or not

Oh, Nicholas Castellanos. Probably the most scrutinized of all the Detroit Tigers players of the last two years. Once heralded as our top prospect, Castellanos has started to break out into a leader of our rebuilding franchise and a player the younger guys (even though he’s only 26!) can look to as an example. Starting in … Read more

Section 313, Seat No 15: Grading the 2017 Detroit Tigers

Ok, yes I know and can hear you now, “give them all F’s.” But, I cannot do that. Are there some “failures”? Sure, there absolutely are. But is the entire team considered a failure? No. Grades, in an educational sense, are meant to show mastery of a particular subject. Therefore, we will be taking grades … Read more

Section 313 Podcast: Tigers trade J.D. Martinez, who’s next?

Show Highlights: J.D. Martinez Trade (:27-13:07) Who’s next to go? (13:08-23:40) Tigers August Outlook (23:41-29:31) Welcome to the inaugural Section 313 podcast. We have taken our typical Section 313’s, which will still exist, and added a podcast to them. It will be hot takes and in-depth analysis on the Detroit Tigers every week. This week … Read more