Section 313, Seat No. 22: Nicholas Castellanos is getting better in right field, whether you like it or not

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Chicago Cubs

Oh, Nicholas Castellanos. Probably the most scrutinized of all the Detroit Tigers players of the last two years. Once heralded as our top prospect, Castellanos has started to break out into a leader of our rebuilding franchise and a player the younger guys (even though he’s only 26!) can look to as an example. Starting in … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 21: Ron Gardenhire was the absolute right choice

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. -Alexander the Great Ron Gardenhire was not the sexy, trendy choice when the Detroit Tigers were on the search for a new manager this offseason. But, he was the absolute right … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 20: Projecting the Detroit Tigers lineups, rotation

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Detroit Tigers

We currently sit just over 24-hours away from the first pitch being thrown on the 2018 Detroit Tigers season. A season that will be filled with plenty of memories created for families around the ballpark as we watch our team struggle through the first year of a rebuild. Sure the names and faces on the roster may … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 19: Victor Martinez would do best to keep his mouth shut

Communication is a two-way street. One cannot deny this. It is especially important for a new Major League manager to make as many connections to his veteran players as soon as possible once hired. By all accounts, Ron Gardenhire has done a very good job of taking on his new role as the Detroit Tigers … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 18: Michael Fulmer to the Yankees makes sense

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers

1/10/18: This article has been updated to reflect the current market facing the Tigers and a possible trade of Michael Fulmer.  With pitchers and catchers due to report (usually the week of February 13-15) soon, time is winding down on the Detroit Tigers offseason. Since entering a rebuild in the midst of their 2017 season, the … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 17 – Part 3: Rule 5 Draft targets for the Detroit Tigers

Section 313 Seat No. 17 – Part 3 Over the last couple of weeks, we have been putting together a “perfect” blueprint for the Detroit Tigers offseason. An offseason that, let’s face it, will not be making headlines. So far we’ve discussed some cuts the Tigers need to make (Part One) and last week we discussed … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 17: Detroit Tigers 2018 Offseason Blueprint, Part 2

Section 313 Seat No. 17, Part 2 Here we are again projecting the offseason for the Detroit Tigers. What we have been looking at is our view of the route we see the Tigers going, and the one that makes the most sense moving forward. It should be stated again: The Tigers 2018 season is not … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 17: Detroit Tigers 2018 Offseason Blueprint, Part 1

Section 313 Seat No. 17, part 1   Now that Justin Verlander is a World Series Champion, we can shift our focus away from our romanticism with a beloved player back to the team we will actually be rooting for next season. The Tigers 2018 season is not going to be the prettiest baseball, not like the … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 16: Ron Gardenhire’s tenure begins with the Detroit Tigers

Section 313 Seat No. 16 Well, the Tigers have their guy. Yesterday afternoon rumors started circulating that Ron Gardenhire was going to be the next manager of the Detroit Tigers. A rumor that was confirmed this afternoon when he was formally introduced to the fan base and local media. And, for all intents and purposes, … Read more

Section 313, Seat No 15: Grading the 2017 Detroit Tigers

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Tampa Bay Rays

Ok, yes I know and can hear you now, “give them all F’s.” But, I cannot do that. Are there some “failures”? Sure, there absolutely are. But is the entire team considered a failure? No. Grades, in an educational sense, are meant to show mastery of a particular subject. Therefore, we will be taking grades … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 14: Projecting the 2018 Detroit Tigers roster

A few weeks ago I gave two possible scenarios for the Tigers roster in 2018. However, they were contingent on Justin Upton‘s pending decision to opt out or not. Well, by now you know he was traded, along with all the money owed to him, to the Los Angeles Angels. Part of that article was also contingent … Read more

Section 313 Podcast, Episode 2: Justin Verlander’s legacy as a Tiger

This weeks episode of Section 313 deals with the trade deadline, Justin Verlander, Michael Fulmer’s comments about rebuilding, and Brad Ausmus. (0:00-13:40): Justin Verlander and the trade deadline have been a rumored couple for months at this point. There is no secret that Tigers are trying to move their long time ace in order to … Read more

Section 313 Podcast: Tigers trade J.D. Martinez, who’s next?

Show Highlights: J.D. Martinez Trade (:27-13:07) Who’s next to go? (13:08-23:40) Tigers August Outlook (23:41-29:31) Welcome to the inaugural Section 313 podcast. We have taken our typical Section 313’s, which will still exist, and added a podcast to them. It will be hot takes and in-depth analysis on the Detroit Tigers every week. This week … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 12: The 5 biggest surprises from the first half

Section 313 Seat No. 12   Hello and welcome back to Section 313, today we’re in Seat No. 12. It’s been a few weeks since we last got together, but it isn’t without good reason. However, since we last spoke the Tigers season has spun out of control and they look to be sellers here … Read more

Section 313, Seat No. 11: Phrase of the day: concerned optimism

Section 313 – Seat No. 11 Welcome to Section 313, Seat No. 11 — I’m glad you’re here this week. As the weekend series with the Tampa Bay Rays has already kicked off, the Tigers find themselves four games back of the division and only two games back of a Wild Card spot.  Which leads … Read more