Sizing up Andre Drummond’s prospects: A history of big men in the NBA dunk contest

“Big men typically don’t fare well in the dunk contest.” A variation of that line has been attached to the hip of virtually every piece on the wire detailing Andre Drummond’s reported decision to participate in the 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. But is it true? Well, that depends. Outside of Larry Nance, a six-foot-ten … Read more

10 Most underrated Dunk Contest performances in NBA history

The top 10 dunk contest performances of all-time was too easy. An assorted pile of Carter, Jordan, Wilkins, and Richardson then boom, you’re done. We decided to take another approach: the most underrated dunk contest performances off all-time. The criteria is relatively simple yet admittedly vague. We figured that to be underrated, one likely should … Read more