Skip Bayless reports Cleveland Browns locker room is turning on Baker Mayfield [Video]

On Sunday, following a win over the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield did not celebrate with his teammates on the field or shake anyone’s hand before he headed to the locker room. Then, Mayfield failed on his obligation to speak to the media following the game but his wife posted a photo to … Read more

Skip Bayless blasts LeBron James performance in Space Jam: A New Legacy [Video]

In case you have not heard, Space Jam: A New Legacy starring LeBron James opened in theaters (and HBO Max) this past weekend and it did quite well in terms of ticket sales. According to the critics, the standalone sequel to Space Jam (1996) featuring Michael Jordan, is not exactly living up to the hype. … Read more

Skip Bayless has shockingly ignorant take on Dak Prescott’s mental health comments

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott opened up about having to cope with his brother’s suicide this past spring and the effect that it’s had on his mental health. Embed from Getty Images “I got the help I needed, and I was very open about it. … Emotions can overcome you if you don’t do something … Read more

Analysts Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe debate between Calvin Johnson and Terrell Owens

There’s absolutely no “disputing” who Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless believes was the greatest player in NFL history to wear the jersey number 81. Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson receives that honor from Bayless ahead of Terrell Owens, the other notable player to wear it. “From my heart and soul I like TO. … Read more

Report: LeBron James has ‘seriously considered’ running for President of United States

Take this for what it is worth but according to Skip Bayless, ‘someone close’ to Los Angeles Lakers F LeBron James told him that LeBron has seriously considered running for President of the United States someday. Embed from Getty Images “It’s a plan of his but not yet a goal,” the source said. FYI: I … Read more

Skip Bayless tweets about Redskins win over Lions, wait… what?

Skip Bayless is a big mouth known for his hot takes. He’s an incredibly divisive figure with passionate fans and haters alike but sometimes things are pretty black and white. This is one of those times. Kirk Cousins just pulled off another YOU LIKE THAT? Redskins rally from 13-3 down mid-4th to win in Detroit. … Read more

Skip Bayless to leave ESPN

According to the Hollywood Reporter, long-time ESPN personality Skip Bayless will not be returning to the sports giant after his contract expires in August. ESPN to part ways with Skip Bayless — Ryan Parker (@TheRyanParker) April 26, 2016 Bayless has worked with ESPN on opinion-based shows like First Take for twelve years. The network released the … Read more