Former Central Michigan QB Cooper Rush makes Dallas Cowboys roster

Jerry Jones confirmed that former Central Michigan quarterback Cooper Rush has made the Dallas Cowboys roster. Jerry Jones says QB Cooper Rush has already landed a spot on the final 53-man roster: via @sportsdaydfw — Brandon George (@DMN_George) August 27, 2017 It may not “officially” be as Dak Prescott’s backup, but that is assumed. … Read more

NOT SO NICE: NFL stars read ‘Mean Tweets’ about themselves on Kimmel

One of the best parts of Jimmy Kimmel’s show is when famous people come on and read mean tweets about themselves. It seems like NFL stars like Odell Beckham Jr and Rob Gronkowski aren’t immune to some hate. Check it out in the latest version of NFL Mean Tweets:    

5 Reasons why the Dallas Cowboys are no longer America’s Team

Ever since 1979, the Dallas Cowboys have carried the moniker of “America’s Team”. And if you watch the NFL Films video of how they got their nickname, get your puke bucket out, as you’ll need it for the clearly overly romanticized account. Excuse me while I wipe the puke from my mouth… Ok, we’re good. There may have … Read more

Buckle up Lions fans, the next 3 weeks may be hazardous to your health

Lions fans, this is your captain speaking. Please fasten your seatbelts, we’re expecting some turbulence ahead. Ok, that’s drastic; but still, the Lions next three games are going to be the toughest they’ve had all year, and we need to be prepared for what lies in wait. So far this season has been a fun … Read more

Detroit Sports Nation: 2016 NFL Quarterback Power Rankings

NOTE: The views expressed in this EDITORIAL do not necessarily reflect the views of Detroit Sports Nation or a majority of its writers and should not be misconstrued as such. The views contained within are the views of the author and the author alone. To have success in the NFL on the offensive side of the football, … Read more

Top 10 wide receivers in the NFL

  [tps_header] Calvin Johnson wasn’t the only Top 10 wide receiver who didn’t put up good numbers in Week 14. Along with Johnson’s one catch performance, Dez Bryant was held without a catch and DeAndre Hopkins was held to only three receptions in Week 14. While Johnson, Bryant and Hopkins disappointed, Odell Beckham Jr. (7 receptions, … Read more

Fantasy Football: Top 5 Add/Drops after Week 3

[tps_header] DSN’s Top 5 players to add and drop for Fantasy Football returns for the third consecutive week. Last week, “Must-Adds” Dion Lewis and Travis Benjamin found the end zone for the third straight week and “Must Drops” Joique Bell and DeAngelo Williams were disappointments, as predicted. With Week 4 of the NFL season upon … Read more

Fantasy Football 2015: Top 10 Quarterbacks revealed

The 2015 NFL regular season is right around the corner which means it’s fantasy football time! Here is my list of the top 10 fantasy quarterbacks for 2015. My advice to you, do not draft a quarterback in the first round of your draft. It will be tempting but to be completely honest, there is … Read more

The Detroit Lions: Cubs learning to roar

The Detroit Lions have long been known as the franchise that comes up just short. Sure, they had a great run in the 90’s with the likes of Barry Sanders, Herman Moore, and Chris Spielman, but at the end of the day they simply could not win when they needed to the most.

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Calvin Johnson Rule – Fair or Foul?

NOTE: The views expressed in this EDITORIAL do not necessarily reflect the views of Detroit Sports Nation or a majority of its writers and should not be misconstrued as such. The views contained within are the views of the author and the author alone.

Here is our third installment of our 5-part series on controversial rules in professional sports that strike up conversation on whether or not they should be changed or be ridden of. Today we look at the NFL, and one that Detroit Lions fans in particular should be very much familiar with – the “Calvin Johnson” rule.

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But Wait, There’s More: NFL Admits Missed Hold on Suh

Sigh, we’re not entirely sure what this is helping at this point. One day after the NFL’s Vice President of Officiating offered his step-by-step video breakdown of the fated Brandon Pettigrew/Anthony Hitchens did-he-or-didn’t-he pass interference controversy (that ultimately resulted in an admission of a missed defensive holding call), NFL insider Adam Schefter reports of another admission this … Read more

Wild Card Weekend: Lions Prepare for Dallas Showdown

It’s the first weekend of 2015, and that means that the Detroit Lions are now foraying to Arlington, Texas for only their third playoff appearance of the millennium. Undoubtedly tomorrow’s game with the Cowboys has been deemed one of the most interesting Wild Card matchups of recent memory. But if history tells us anything –especially … Read more