ESPN’s Monday Night Football on verge of poaching new lead analyst

According to a report from the New York Post, Monday Night Football is on the verge of poaching a new lead analyst. Andrew Marchand is reporting that MNF is on the verge of landing Fox Sports analyst, Troy Aikman. From New York Post: ESPN is deep in negotiations with Fox Sports’ Troy Aikman to make … Read more

Troy Aikman reacts to Detroit Lions hiring Chris Spielman

The Detroit Lions are currently going through a phase that will bring significant changes to the organization, but not all moves thusfar have been subtractions. Earlier in the month, the team officially hired former 3-time All Pro Chris Spielman as special assistant to the owner and CEO. Prior to his new job with the club … Read more

5 Reasons why the Dallas Cowboys are no longer America’s Team

Ever since 1979, the Dallas Cowboys have carried the moniker of “America’s Team”. And if you watch the NFL Films video of how they got their nickname, get your puke bucket out, as you’ll need it for the clearly overly romanticized account. Excuse me while I wipe the puke from my mouth… Ok, we’re good. There may have … Read more

Detroit Lions encounter more bad officiating in loss to Giants [Video]

The Detroit Lions have enough problems of their own trying to win football games this year. They certainly didn’t get any help from the officiating crew against Odell Beckham, Jr. and the New York Giants on Sunday. As you can clearly see below, the ball hits the turf before OBJ can secure it. This was ruled a catch. … Read more

Top 10 Super Bowl MVPs of all-time

Originally published Feb 1st, 2016 Winning an honor such as Super Bowl MVP takes many qualities and being able to use every bit of those qualities and then some. Being able to buckle down in clutch situations and make a game changing play are just a few of those qualities. Many greats of the game … Read more

Thanksgiving announcers make mention of Lions playoff chances

All it takes is a three-game winning streak, and people start throwing that “playoffs” word around. Fox announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman did just that during the Detroit Lions 45-14 Turkey Day trouncing of the Philadelphia Eagles. “Is it out of the realm of possibility, looking at the NFC playoff picture, that if they get on a run … Read more