Dual threat v. Triple Crown: A case for the MLB AL MVP

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, today you are going to be asked to make a choice. That choice boils down to who you believe the Most Valuable Player in the American League will be at the end of the season. Both cases brought before you today will be convincing, but the choice lies solely … Read more

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. blasts home run completely out of Fenway Park [Video]

If you have been following Major League Baseball this season, you have most certainly heard of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. of the Toronto Blue Jays as he has been absolutely demolishing baseballs on a regular basis. On Monday night against the Boston Red Sox, Guerrero Jr. hit a home run that still may be going. Watch as Vlady … Read more

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s ‘rookie’ baseball card sets sales record

Infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci threw the ceremonial first pitch prior to the Washington Nationals home opener against the New York Yankees. And while the pitch definitely wasn’t one of the better first pitches we’ve seen, people sure wanted to get their hands on a special commemorative card. The Topps Company, Inc., who manufactures … Read more