Tarik Skubal Has Worst Outing of Season as Detroit Tigers Continue Free Fall

Tarik Skubal did not bring his best stuff on Wednesday against the Braves

On Wednesday, the Detroit Tigers were looking to bounce back and break their losing streak with ace Tarik Skubal on the mound against the Atlanta Braves. Unfortunately, what seemed like a promising setup quickly unraveled as Skubal delivered his worst performance of the season. The Tigers, unable to score a single run, fell to the Braves 7-0, marking a continued slide in their already challenging season.

Tarik Skubal Comes Full Circle

A Disappointing Start for Tarik Skubal

Tarik Skubal, who has been a bright spot for the Tigers and a Cy Young contender, struggled from the start. The Braves jumped on him early, and he never seemed to find his rhythm. By the time he left the game, he had given up five runs, including a couple of home runs, and the Tigers’ defense failed to back him up.

During the game, Skubal lasted just four innings, giving up four earned runs on seven hits and walking two batters (he also hit two batters) while striking out seven.

Reflecting on his outing, Skubal didn’t mince words about his performance: “A little bit of everything,” Skubal said when asked what he was battling. “It was not a good day for me.”

“A little bit of everything,” Skubal said when asked what he was battling. “It was not a good day for me.”

Tarik Skubal via The Detroit News

The game took a turn for the worse in the fourth inning when Skubal, following a mound visit from pitching coach Chris Fetter, committed a throwing error that allowed Atlanta’s Ozzie Albies to score. Attempting to make a play, Skubal threw the ball past third baseman Gio Urshela, compounding the Tigers’ woes.

“That was my fault,” Skubal said. “I threw that ball away and I probably just should have held it, ate it and then the run doesn’t even score because I went punchy, punchy (strikeouts) to the next two hitters. In the moment, you try to make a play. Looking back, I probably shouldn’t have thrown the baseball. He was probably going to be safe either way.”

Silent in the Dugout

Detroit’s manager, A.J. Hinch, echoed Tarik Skubal’s sentiments, acknowledging that the left-hander was off his game.

“It just wasn’t a good day for him,” manager AJ Hinch said. “They hit a couple of changeups, which changed his pitch selection a little bit. And then when he tried to drive the fastball in, he hit a couple of guys. He was off today.

“But, early on, (the Braves) did some two-out hitting against him. They took advantage of that. We had some two-out chances and didn’t get any hits.”

Hinch highlighted how the Braves’ ability to capitalize on Skubal’s missed locations and Detroit’s lack of offensive response turned the game into a one-sided affair. The Tigers’ inability to generate any runs left them with no room for error, exacerbating Skubal’s rough day on the mound.

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A Team in Trouble

The loss against the Braves was not just about one bad outing for Tarik Skubal; it was symptomatic of a broader issue facing the Tigers. The team’s offensive struggles have been a significant problem all season, and their performance on Wednesday was no exception.

As Detroit’s season continues to spiral, finding a way to stop the bleeding has become a critical concern. The Tigers now find themselves deep in a losing streak, their record slipping further in the standings. The once hopeful start to the season is fading, and the challenges ahead are mounting.

Moving forward, the Tigers will need to regroup and find a way to claw back into contention. For Skubal, it’s about bouncing back from a tough start and regaining his form on the mound. For the team as a whole, it’s about rediscovering the offensive spark that can complement their pitching and lead to wins.

“We’ve got to focus on Friday (against the White Sox),” Skubal said. “We’ve got to win the next one. That’s what our focus should be every single day. And if we can do that the rest of the year, I like the group we’ve got in here.”

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