Taylor Decker demands apology following Detroit Lions’ dominating performance

Detroit Lions LT Taylor Decker has been around for a while, and he has played in a lot of NFL games. But, of all of the games he has been a part of with the Lions, Decker says Sunday's 40-14 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars was “by far, our best game.” It was a dominating performance from the get-go for the Lions as they scored on their first eight possessions of the game. In fact, the only time the Lions did not score was when they lined up in victory formation and took a knee.

Taylor Decker Detroit Lions

What did Taylor Decker say following the Detroit Lions' win over the Jaguars?

After the game, Decker spoke to the media, and he said there are a lot of people who owe him an apology.

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From Detroit Free Press:

“A lot of people that owe me an apology in my (expletive) Twitter DMs,” said “@__taylordecker“. Yes, that’s two underscores.

“I've just I've been here seven years now,” he said Sunday. “And, you know, I kind of just know what it feels like when we're playing good ball and playing confident.

“And, you know, that's how it’s felt. It's felt like we're playing good ball. We're confident we're going out there to play to win.”

Decker may be right, but the bottom line is that the Lions are still just 5-7, and chances are that they will have to win every game left on their schedule to qualify for the playoffs.

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If that happens, or even if the Lions can come close to making that happen, there will be a lot of people who will have to eat crow.

Nation, how many wins will the Lions finish with?

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