Taylor Decker is ‘dying to win’ with the Detroit Lions

Since going 9-7 in his first 2 seasons with the Detroit Lions, Taylor Decker has been a part of 45 losses, while only winning 18 games.

Left tackle Taylor Decker has been with the Detroit Lions ever since he was selected with the No. 16 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, and during that time, he has lost a lot of football games.

In fact, since going 9-7 in his first two seasons with the Lions, Decker has been a part of a whopping 45 losses, while only winning 18 games.

Prior to the star of the season, Decker joined Lions reporter Tim Twentyman on his “Inside the Huddle” show and he explained the magic behind the Lions’ offensive line.

“Even if you just switch out one guy on that offensive line, it kind of changes everything. Because you’re so used to having those five guys,” the offensive tackle explained on Tim Twentyman’s “Inside the Huddle.”

“Me and Jonah (Jackson) are at the point now where we go up there and we have our calls that you need to make, and we don’t even have to make them because we already know what each other’s going to do, we already know where we’re targeted and it’s just like a sixth sense thing,” he said.

Taylor Decker is ‘dying to win' with the Detroit Lions

Decker added that he cannot say enough about how playing with a group of guys every single day allows for a trust to be built.

“You can’t say enough about playing next to a guy, day in and day out, getting comfortable with them and then through doing that, there’s trust,” he said.

“Talent’s great and everything, but production reigns king,” Decker told Twentyman. “We can have all the talent in the world but we need to be productive.”

During a recent interview with Tyler Dunne, Decker said that he is “dying to win” with the Detroit Lions because losing is the (bleeping) worst.

“I’m not afraid to say that I love all those guys,” Decker says. “And I have their back out there on the field. Because we just do hard shit every single day and we do it together. You can’t replicate that bond in many other professions. Obviously, there’s military and other things like that. But it’s a deep bond when you go through hard shit together. I’ve been here for seven years now and it seems there’s been more downs than ups. Hopefully we come out of the back end of that stronger as a group.”

Decker takes a deep breath.

“I know we have guys who want to win. Me personally, I’m dying to win. Losing is the f–king worst.”

Taylor Decker, we agree with you. Losing is the (bleeping) worst.