Tayshaun Prince: “I’m not on my way out”

After a weekend of rumors and conjecture regarding whether Tayshaun Prince truly supported his trade to the Detroit Pistons, we got to hear from the man himself following Sunday afternoon’s 106-89 victory over the Washington Wizards.

“Basically, I thought no trade was going to happen at all,” explained Prince. “Then we get ready on the bus to go to practice (in Boston) and all of the sudden, ‘Come here, you’ve been traded.’ I didn’t even know where I was going. I was pissed off from the get-go. Then I get a call from Arnie (Kander), I get a call from Vince (Ellis), I’m like wait a minute, uh-oh, I didn’t just get traded to Detroit, did I?”

Following Prince’s acquisition, at least one media outlet reported Prince may desire a buyout from the Pistons. As he clarified Sunday, the talk of a buyout stemmed from his time in Boston.

“I thought I was going to be in Boston and see what happens and if a buyout was going to happen or not. The buyout wasn’t 100%.”

Prince also took the time to address the widespread belief that he was brought on board in Detroit to play the role of mentor while presumably fading off into obscurity.

“It’s tough being a mentor because I can still play,” said Prince. “A lot of times when people say mentor they kind of look at you like you’re on your way out. And I’m not on my way out. Obviously I’m not the 40 minute guy I used to be but I’m not by any means on my way out.”

Prince did not play against the Wizards, having arrived in Detroit Saturday evening without an opportunity to run through a practice and develop a basic of understanding of the Pistons’ offensive and defensive philosophies. He is expected to make his debut on Tuesday against the Cavaliers.

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“The good thing is I’m back in familiar stomping grounds,” said Prince. “Even though I only played with a couple guys on this team, I can pick up things real fast.”

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