Terry Bradshaw: Matthew Stafford ‘would love’ to be traded to Dallas Cowboys

Ever since the moment the Dallas Cowboys lost Dak Prescott to a horrific ankle injury, there has been a ton of speculation that Cowboys’ owner could make the Detroit Lions an offer they cannot refuse for Matthew Stafford.

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On Sunday, Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw was asked to comment on the Stafford to Dallas trade rumors and Bradshaw said that though Stafford “would love” to be traded to the Cowboys, it is not going to happen.

“Listen, I know Matthew would love to be traded to Dallas,” Bradshaw said on the FOX NFL Sunday broadcast. “He played high school ball in Dallas with Dodgers Clayton Kershaw the pitcher. But the Cowboys can’t afford to trade for Stafford because that sends a message right to Dak Prescott that you are not our guy, you’ll be out of here if, in fact, they made that trade. That is not going to happen.”

Nation, do you believe Bradshaw that “he knows” Matthew Stafford would love to be traded to the Dallas Cowboys? Or is this just speculation on his part based on Stafford being from Texas?

Personally, I am not buying this.