Terry Foster bashes Detroit Lions, says Barry Sanders is ‘washed up casino greeter’

Earlier this week, the Detroit Lions announced they had hired former All-Pro linebacker Chris Spielman to be their Special Assistant to Chairman and President & CEO.

In addition to hiring Spielman, the Lions also announced that the great Barry Sanders would help to advise the team on the hiring of a new general manager and head coach.

Following the news breaking, tons of Lions’ fans stormed to social media to praise the moves.

Former 97.1 The Ticket host Terry Foster does not agree.

On Thursday, Foster posted an article on his blog calling out the Lions. He said that the Lions hiring Spielman and Sanders was nothing more than their latest PR move to “trick gullible fans.” He also said that Barry is a “washed up casino greeter” who is there to make everybody feel better.

The Lions did not win a game when they announced that former linebacker Chris Spielman was hired as a special assistant to president Rod Wood and owner Sheila Ford Hamp. They were running a game on gullible fans who continue to fall for every trick and party game the organization hands them. And they added to the public relations game they brought in Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders to help with the GM and coaching search.

You guys are Charlie Brown who keeps having the football pulled from him by Lucy.

“Poor Barry is a pawn. He is the washed up casino greeter who makes everybody feel better about blowing their money at the giant crap table known as Ford Field. They could tell Barry that Count Dracula should be the next coach and he’d rubber stamp it.”

Nation, do you agree with Terry Foster? Or, do you think bringing in Spielman and Barry to help find a new GM and head coach is the right move?

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11 thoughts on “Terry Foster bashes Detroit Lions, says Barry Sanders is ‘washed up casino greeter’”

  1. I see your point. You could have left out the “Washed up” in your casino analogy. That being said, the Lions organization has never been accused of being top notch. The Fords have been in charge too long. They really need to step off and hire a qualified GM and get out of their own way.

  2. As a life long lions fan now misplaced out side of philly. I almost agree. It is a pr stunt. The fords should sell. But when you Mr. Foster disrespect the greatest running back ever. Yes for people that don’t know if you look at stats it not Barry. It would have Barry Sanders quit just up and quit why leave all the records which he would have owned simple he is a man of principles. He wanted out. So say as you will of the lions, the fords whom ever. As a lions fan as an NFL fan Barry is always off limits.

  3. I guess this makes you a washed radio personality. Only an idiot publically trashes the only great football player to come thru their city and thinks his listeners are going to agree. You might wanna revise that article before ya end up losing your job over it.

    • I don’t write to have people agree with me. I write what I feel. And I am a washed up radio personality.

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