Terry Foster explains when he lost his passion for radio

It was four years ago that 97.1 The Ticket radio personality and former Detroit News Pistons beat writer Terry Foster suffered a stroke, which ultimately led to him leaving radio.

He was 1/2 of the popular “Valenti and Foster Show”, one of the highest rated sports talk shows in the country.

In his most recent blog entry, Foster explains when he realized he was losing his passion for radio:

There were two incidents upon my failed return to 97.1 FM in 2017 where I should have rode away into the sunset and called it a career. I was clearly still recovering from two strokes that changed me into a different person.

The first incident happened when a black caller called me an Uncle Tom. That happens from time to time when I am not calling for the brothers to revolt and bust a couple crackers upside the head. I had the audacity to disagree with this guy. He said I was a Tom.

Usually that incites me to riot. I might talk about the guys momma and tell him to crawl back to his east side rib shack while I continue to speak to thousands on this 97.1 blow torch.

This time I lacked the energy, wit and desire to fire back. I took the ass whuppin’ in silence. I could see Valenti and Sully urging me to go after the guy. I let it slide.

That wasn’t me.

The second incident occurred the day after a Michigan State-Wisconsin basketball game. I watched a NASCAR event that day also and was accused of watching the race and not the more important Big Ten basketball game.

Mike and Mike decided to ask me a series of questions to determine if I watched the game. The thing I discovered that day is I could not remember things when under stress. I felt very challenged and stressed at the moment and flubbed ever question.

Again, that was not me. Why did I not walk away then?

Valenti asked if I wanted him to treat me differently because of the strokes. I said no. Treat me the same. It was a mistake on my part. I thought he was less tolerant of me and became meaner after my return. That may not have been the case, but that’s the way I felt. Like I said my mind was in a different place — perhaps a darkened place.

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