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If you are anything like me, you no longer look or feel like you did when you were in high school. My waistline fluctuates like the stock market and overall I feel unhealthy, you may be in the same boat. So, when one of my fellow writers at DSN posted an article titled, Terry Foster: ‘I Am Lucky That I Did Not Die’, I knew exactly what it was about.

As you are probably aware, Terry Foster of 97.1 The Ticket suffered a stroke a while back and had to miss an extended amount of time from his radio duties on the Valenti and Foster Show. In his most recent article, Foster talks about how he was not living his life the right way and about how his poor choices nearly cost him his life.

From CBS Detroit:

I sat up in bed inside the Milwaukee Hyatt wide awake at 1: 30 in the morning after a night of partying with fellow sports writers following a Pistons-Milwaukee Bucks game. For reasons I still cannot explain, I had to have a Philly cheese steak in Milwaukee. Gino’s and Pats were hundreds of miles away in a Philadelphia neighborhood, but I had to have a Philly cheese steak in Milwaukee.

I called room service and even though the cheese steak was not that good I scarfed it down as if it were my last meal. It was not the first or only time I stress ate in the middle of the night. It was routine because I could not sleep after experiencing the adrenaline of covering a game.

It was a fast and exciting life and I did not take care of myself. It was one of the reasons I suffered a mild stroke at age 57. My friend Drew Sharp of the Free Press experienced the same life style and died at age 56 of a heart attack. I get reports around the country of men in the profession who are my age and younger suffering heart attacks and dying.

Foster goes on to talk about what he has done to lose weight and how he is taking one day at a time so that he is around for his family.

To read the rest of this article (YOU SHOULD), please click on the link below. It could save your life.

Source: Terry Foster: ‘I Am Lucky That I Did Not Die’ « CBS Detroit

Written by Don Drysdale

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