Thank you Martha Ford for finally hearing our voices…

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Fans of the Detroit Lions finally had enough. Our patience was up and we came firing from all angles. This was the end of the road. The culture had to change.

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On November 5th, 2015, Martha Firestone Ford finally realized this with us and she made the right decision.

There is still a long way to go and this is the first step of many. A losing culture like this one doesn’t just disappear overnight. There is still a tall mountain to climb. However, today Martha Ford finally decided the climbing gear for that mountain would not get the job done.

Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand were very nice guys. Well versed and charming. However, as top leaders in the organization they faltered time and time again.

I have written many fiery and negative pieces about the Lions this year and what they were doing to the minds of the fans. One word comes to mind right now when I look back at it all.


As Lions fans, we made our shoulders broad and our voices loud. As a writer for the people, I took pride in doing the best I could to make sure that the masses were heard. This time around had to be different or backs would begin to turn. Martha Ford luckily sensed that and gave the fans what they haven’t had in years.

Real and refined hope for the future.

So thank you, Martha Ford, from Lions fans everywhere, for changing the negative tide in Allen Park and showing us all that you truly care about this team like we do. And thank you for showing you are willing to make the changes needed to push it out of the ashes and into some form of light.

This is easily the happiest day of the NFL season so far for Lions fans, but fear will still be in the back of our minds moving forward. Questions like “Will we hire the right guys this time?” and “Will things really change?” will be the natural, unsettled mindset of us all.

However, at least for today, we should all sit back and breathe a long exhausting breath. It took 14 long years, but the Millen regime is finally out of the picture here and a new era upon us in Detroit. The Fords finally came to grips that the fans of their team would no longer settle with less than the best.

It’s because we are the best. Detroit Lions fans are the best fans in the world and that’s a fact.

Our movement is not done by any means. We must continue to fight for better days. Days when we can be proud to tell our friends we’re Lions fans. Days we can look up into the Ford Field rafters and see banners rising to the heavens. Days we can speak about the bad times like it was all just a messed up dream. Days we can take our children downtown to watch a big silver trophy parade down Woodward Ave.

Yesterday, #WeDeservedBetter and today, better is what we got. And for that Martha Ford, we are grateful.


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Posted by Julius Porter
Julius was born and raised on the east side of Detroit. He discovered his love for sports writing while attending his alma mater Warren Fitzgerald High School. He served honorably for eight years in the United States Army. Follow Julius on Twitter @TheFifthTop