The Athletic writer lists 10 candidates for Detroit Tigers’ next GM

During a recent article, Cody Stavenhagen of The Athletic suggested 8 potential GM candidates for the Detroit Tigers.

After nearly seven years, the Detroit Tigers have finally moved on from general manager Al Avila after the team underachieved in a major way during the 2022 season.

Now, Tigers owner Chris Ilitch is charged with the task of finding a new general manager and it will be a decision that he absolutely has to nail if the team is going to be competitive any time soon.

10 candidates for Detroit Tigers' next GM

During a recent article, Cody Stavenhagen of The Athletic mentioned 10 potential candidates to become the next general manager of the Detroit Tigers, including the one that we believe is a no-brainer choice.

From The Athletic:

I’m saving a definitive list of candidates until it can be something more than pure speculation. Consider these simply some names that jump to the top of my mind: Brandon Gomes (Dodgers general manager), Alex Slater (Dodgers assistant GM), Dana Brown (Braves VP of scouting), Pete Putila (Astros assistant GM), Matt Arnold (Brewers GM) and Randy Flores (Cardinals assistant GM). The idea of hiring a young executive from a winning and forward-thinking organization seems like the type of move that could benefit the Tigers. Theo Epstein and Jeff Luhnow are the most fun to talk about, but I’m not sure either one is realistic. You can bet more names will surface in the days and weeks ahead.

Stavenhagen also suggests that current Tigers' assistant GMs Sam Menzin and Jay Sartori are deserving of consideration to replace Avila as general manager.

Assistant GMs Sam Menzin and Jay Sartori are also deserving of consideration for the general manager role. For now, Menzin is acting as the “point of contact” for the Tigers’ front office. That branding falls conspicuously short of an interim GM tag. Based on the way Ilitch and Hinch explained it Wednesday, baseball decisions will happen by committee for the rest of this season. It’s an unusual setup, but knowing the personalities involved, I doubt it creates any headaches. “Sam and I have talked as much as I’ve talked to any GM or assistant GM that I’ve worked with,” Hinch said. “I don’t anticipate any hiccup in the operation.”

Nation, who would you like to see the Detroit Tigers hire as their next general manager?