The Athletic writer says ‘all signs point to’ Jim Harbaugh being targeted by Indianapolis Colts

Could Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh end up leaving for the Indianapolis Colts?

Get used to it, folks. Regardless of what Jim Harbaugh says, as long as he keeps winning big at Michigan, which he has certainly been doing over the past two seasons, there is going to be plenty of speculation about him potentially returning to the NFL. On Sunday, a report surfaced from Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, suggesting that sources of theirs have indicated that multiple NFL teams have already begun their groundwork on Harbaugh. Later in the day, Harbaugh shot those rumors down. Well, on Monday, Bob Kravitz of The Athletic said ‘all signs point to' the Indianapolis Colts targeting Harbaugh to be their next head coach.

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What did The Athletic writer say about Jim Harbaugh to the Indianapolis Colts?

Bob Kravitz says ‘all signs point to' the Colts targeting Harbaugh to become their next head coach.

From The Athletic:

To me, it all adds up to Harbaugh. All signs point to Harbaugh. There’s still a process, and the Colts absolutely have to do their due diligence and abide by the Rooney Rule and make sure they’re hiring the right person, but in my mind, the candidates list has to start with Captain Comeback.

Maybe he accepts, and maybe he doesn’t, but you’ve got to give it a shot. Don’t you?

Kravitz believes would ‘most certainly' listen to the Colts' offer if they gave him a call.”

At the time, Harbaugh was quoted as saying these NFL dances will not become “a reoccurring event” after every college season, but he’s made it clear in the past: He views the NFL as the ultimate challenge, and he desperately wants to win the Super Bowl he failed to secure back in 2013 when his Niners lost to his brother’s Baltimore Ravens. If the Colts, a team that put him on its Ring of Honor despite a 22-26 record in Indianapolis, come calling, you don’t think he’d pick up and listen? I do. I most certainly do.

Will Jim Harbaugh leave Michigan for the NFL in 2023?

On Sunday, Harbaugh made it pretty clear that he will be back with the Wolverines for the 2023 season, and being that he is a man of his word, I would be pretty surprised if he left for the NFL.

That being said, Harbaugh has also made it clear that he believes winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate prize in football, and that he does have unfinished business in the NFL.

Will he eventually return to the NFL to attempt to finish that business? Maybe. But for now, my guess is that he stays in Ann Arbor.

Nation, where do you think Harbaugh will coach in 2023?

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