The Detroit Lions have found their No. 2 tight end

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Detroit Lions

When you take a look at the Detroit Lions roster, there are quite a few positions that are set in stone, especially when it comes to the offensive side of the ball.

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But heading into the offseason, there was a bit of a question mark when it came to the Lions’ TE2 position as there really was not an obvious answer behind the No. 1 tight end, T.J. Hockenson.

Well, as the Lions are preparing to play their second preseason game of the year, it is looking (and sounding) like they may have found their TE2.

First of all, what do the Lions want in their No. 2 tight end? Well, Lions tight ends coach Tanner Engstrand explained that during a recent interview.

“I think you want a little bit of mix and match,” Engstrand said. “You’re going to have somebody that may be a jack of all trades that can do a little bit of all of it. But you’d love to have a pass catcher like Hock. And he’s actually a better blocker than people give him credit for, which is awesome. He’s continued to get better this training camp. And then you get a true y tight end that can really hold the point and maybe play in some of those bigger personnel groupings. I think coach (Campbell) has mentioned previously as well — be great to have that hybrid that can do a little bit of both.”

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The Detroit Lions have found their No. 2 tight end

So, who is likely to be the Detroit Lions No. 2 tight end when the 2022 regular season begins?

My best guess is Brock Wright, who got the start and played well last Friday against the Atlanta Falcons.

“He has gotten significantly better at that,” Engstrand said. “He had five opportunities in the game (vs. the Falcons), three of which were really versus a good rush. He’s holding his own out there. He’s doing a really nice job.”

Lions head coach Dan Cambell, who played tight end in the NFL, likes what he is seeing out of Wright.

“And he’s really growing, and he’s somebody that man, his just — the run blocking is getting better, the pass protection is starting to show up,” Campbell said, “and then I swear that guy it’s like man, when you need a play in the pass game it just kind of — he’s where he’s supposed to be, he shows up, he makes the play, it might not always be the cleanest catch, but he catches and he makes it.

“And so, I like him, man, when you — my vision for a wide tight end is him — that type of player that can mix it up and do the dirty work. But he can make a tough catch. He’s got to be able to catch in traffic. He’s got to — when you need it he’s got to be able to kind of play big boy ball. So, I like where he’s going. I like his progression.”
Expect for Brock Wright to be the Lions’ No. 2 TE when the 2022 season begins and don’t be surprised if he makes a few big plays throughout the season.

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