The Detroit Tigers host the Minnesota Twins for 5 games in 4 days


Can We Make It Two Series Wins in a Row?

Detroit Tigers
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Detroit Tigers, Let's grab another series victory 

A.J. Reilly: That's going to bring us to our next series. Which is the Detroit Tigers vs Minnesota Twins coming in town for five games in four days. Five games in four days, and they are playing a doubleheader on Tuesday. 

They'll play Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday afternoon, five games in four days.

And thank you, lockout for this type of crazy scheduling. Yes, they're hosting the first-place team in the AL Central. And if you want to make noise, you win four out of five games. Now that is going to be a very tall order. 

The Twins come in playing, okay. They won two of three from us earlier in the week, last week. They split at home with the Kansas City Royals this past weekend. So hopefully they're trending down just a little bit. Maybe they're going to go into a slump. 

Maybe the Tigers get into a little bit of a groove offensively and can move forward. And climb those rankings in the AL Central. Only two games behind the Guardians at this point and 6 games behind the White Sox. 

And 11 games behind the Minnesota Twins currently as the standing sit right now is. As far as pitching and match-ups go, the only ones that are set, are Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon. 

Monday afternoon the Tigers are going to roll with Beau Brieske who is 0 and 4. Higher earned run average because he has given up a decent amount of runs in his starts, but a young arm that's been in there filling in for all of these injured guys that we have talked about. 

Twins Counter with dylan Bundy

And the Twins will counter with Dylan Bundy, who is three and two also a higher era. It's definitely going to be an offensive time, to hit the ball Monday afternoon. 

Hopefully, the weather's going to be beautiful. Hopefully, the balls will be flying and hopefully, the Tigers will be able to push across more runs than the Twins do. 

Now that takes us to Tuesday afternoon, which is the only other pitching matchup that's set right now. As far as this series goes it looks like it'll be a bullpen day for the Detroit Tigers. They'll be rolling with Rony Garcia and then piecemealing everything else together in the afternoon. 

As those rosters expand, I would expect somebody, maybe a Joey Wentz to get a call for Tuesday night to make another spot start for the doubleheader. 

Wentz is just an idea. But who else you got? Everybody else is on the injured list. So Wentz could be getting his Major League start Tuesday night, Tuesday evening. 

As I said, that's all to be determined. Wednesday, the Twins are throwing out, Bailey Ober over by the Tigers to be determined and Thursday, both of them to be determined.

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