The Duke/UNC Coverage will be insufferable

Get ready, because for the next week you are going to hear nothing but Duke/UNC.

A.J. and Matt from Straight Shootin discuss the coverage of this historic Final Four meeting.

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Matt Bassin: We have seen duke grow up in this NCAA tournament. They grew up against State really well. Michigan State went up five with a few minutes left. They didn't do what they did against North Carolina, because they were in that position against North Carolina and they settled for outside shots and that helped make their downfall happen against Michigan state.

They kept attacking and improved the difference in that game. So you've seen this team grow up. You've seen North Carolina really grow up and get. So perfect time for this perfect storm in Mike Krzyzewski's final run.

A.J Reilly: Yes. Yeah. And I mean that growing up it happened, it's such a quick turnaround to from the time that they lost coaching night, it really wasn't coach K's night, because he was apologizing to the fans after him for a terrible showing. Since then, yeah, that game against Michigan state that duke played, I was a little upset cause I had duke advancing. But then at the same time, I'm happy for my friends here that are Michigan State fans. And I was like, Michigan State, they're looking pretty good.

They're moving the ball. They're putting the ball in, they're up five with three to go, and duke struggling. And then all of a sudden it was just an entire onslaught of just bucket after bucket, after turnover, after bucket. And it was just like, oh my goodness.

Coach K was not ready to go out in the second round of this tournament. And then just to watch how fast North Carolina plays them against UCLA in the first half. Up and down and up and down.

Matt Bassin: They just kept playing.

A.J Reilly: Not at all. I don't think the first whistle blew until, this is probably hyperbolic but until that under 11 TV time out. The commentators even said, oh, the whistles do work. And I was like, yeah, they do. That was, I was just impressed. Very impressed. So to see you get over that hump of UCLA, cause that was looking like it could get a little sketch for them there, and then to then meet up with duke in the final four, it's going to be a fun one.

There's going to be a lot riding on it. Clearly a chance to go to the national championship, the potential to, end coach K's career, or the potential to keep coach K's career. Go on for one more game, it's going to be crazy. I'm pretty sure that on Friday, I'm just turning off all media and TV anyway. Cause I'm just going to be like, this is ridiculous.

Matt Bassin: Thank God. This is a final format and not a national championship because if there was a national championship, all you're getting is Sunday. That's all you're getting for the media coverage of this game.

No, we're going to get it tonight, cause it's already started so Sunday night, we're going to get it Monday. We're going to get Tuesday. We're going to get Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning, we've got a week that's going to be Carolina coverage, and everyone who's not a duke North Carolina fan is going to want to blow their brains out.

But at least, it's for the last time involving coach K. But of course, it's to the final four. So they have a week of coverage for this.

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