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Something new here at Detroit Sports Nation, we are adding a Pistons mailbag session called “KC Knows”. I will answer questions that fans have about the Detroit Pistons.

Question: Who do you think the Pistons will draft?
Answer: I think the Pistons will have to go after 1 of their 2 needs, a scoring forward or a point guard. At the 8th spot in a weak draft, there won’t be a “best player available” option. I think Syracuse’s Michael Carter-Williams will be available at 8 and he would be a good option. He’s 6’6″ and he averaged 7.3 assists and he would add size to the backcourt with 6’3″ Brandon Knight at the 2-guard spot. Maybe Anthony Bennett will fall to them at 8. He’s been called the best talent in the draft.

Q: Free agent moves this year?
A: Well due to Denver Nuggets forward Andre Iguodala opting out his contract combined with his relationship with newly hired head coach Mo Cheeks, he is an option. Iguodala isn’t going to score a bunch of points, but he’s a triple-double threat due to his rebounding and passing skills. He’s also a terrific on the ball defender and he’s a former All-Star. For the right price, he would be a good option.

Q: After watching Game 7 last night, I think it’s safe to say that LeBron would have scored 45+ on the Pistons. What do they have to do to in order to be in the same arena as Miami and San Antonio?
A: Well first off, LeBron James can score 45+ on anybody. He’s LeBron James. Second of all, I just think the Pistons need to continue to rebuild through the draft. They’ve done a good job with the drafting of Greg Monroe, Knight, and Andre Drummond and if they can get an Andre Iguodala in free agency this year, that would help immensely. He won’t be able to stop LeBron, but he can slow him down.

Q: How does Joe Dumars even have a job after the moves he’s made?
A: Joe Dumars has a job because he’s done a pretty solid job. Sure the Chauncey Billups trade and the signings of Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva were bone headed, but he’s also drafted Monroe, Knight, and Drummond. He’s built a championship team and he’s done a solid job in the rebuilding so far. It takes a couple years to build a winner. The Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince moves had to be made. Their time was done here.

Q: Do you think they’ll keep Jason Maxiell?
A: My guess would be no. Sure he has the heart of a lion, but he’s also 6’7″ and he’s 30 years old. He’d be better served on a contending team than a rebuilding one.

Q: Will the owner spend money this offseason?
A: All we have is that Pistons owner Tom Gores has come out and said that he will spend money so all we have is his word. We’ll see about that. He seems like he’s not really involved in the basketball side of the operations. He wasn’t even at the press conference of Mo Cheeks’ hiring. We’ll see.

Q: Will they make the playoffs next season?
A: Maybe it’s because I’m a Pistons fan, but I truly believe this team will make the playoffs next season. It’s been since 2009 and this team should be ready to make a playoff run here next season, especially if they can get a Bennett in next week’s draft.

Q: How long until Detroit is a contender again?
A: Give it another 2-3 years. There are still too many young players on this roster. They have a lot of promise and potential, however and when they gain more experience and develop, I believe this team will be a force in a few years.

-Ky Carlin, KC

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