The one linebacker the Detroit Lions should consider in Round 4

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Let’s face it, the Detroit Lions have holes just about everywhere on their roster and there are a plethora of directions GM Brad Holmes could decide to go when his team is on the clock in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

One position I think that Holmes will strongly consider is linebacker.

Though the Lions are not in as bad of shape at the LB position as some claim, they are below average and they can certainly use a bit of help.

As I look at who is left in terms of linebackers in the 2021 NFL Draft, only one player really stands out and that is Jabril Cox out of LSU.

I have been high on Jabril since around Christmas time and I would be happy if the Lions selected him on Saturday during the fourth round. In fact, I only had four other LBs ranked ahead of Cox and I really thought he would be off the board by now.

Cox was the captain of LSU’s defense in 2020 and he is a player who flys all over the field and makes plays in the passing game that not many other college linebackers can make. Stopping the run is an area Cox will need to improve on but he has the athletism to do just that and the willingness to mix it up.

Don’t be surprised if the Lions select Cox with their first pick on Saturday…if he makes it to them.