Theo Riddick has Pro Bowl Potential…


At least that is what Detroit Lions running back Joique Bell believes.

“His body is in great shape, probably 7 percent body fat,” Bell said.

“You see his route running from out the backfield, it’s really crisp. He looks like a Reggie. Just some of the moves you see him do in practice against some of the linebackers. We sit back in the meeting room, we sit back we laugh. He gets them every time with the same move, like you can’t stop it. You can’t stop it.”

Back up quarterback Dan Orlovsky in a recent interview with SiriusXM’s NFL Radio said of Riddick, “I’m telling you, if he doesn’t have 50 catches this year, I’ll be surprised because he’s going to have opportunities and he’s very talented at it. I think he’s going to play that Sproles role, for sure.” Orlovsky continued his praise of Theo Riddick saying, “He’s going to have eight passes a game, whether they’re screens, whether they’re one-on-ones, whether they’re checkdowns, where they’re going to be pass plays called for him.”

If you recall, Reggie Bush also had compliments for Theo Riddick earlier this offseason as well saying that he would have a huge role in the Lions passing game this coming NFL season. Joe Lombardi, who coached Darren Sproles likened Riddick’s role in the offense to what Sproles did in New Orleans as well.

The Detroit Lions, who already had a solid offense, beefed it up this offseason when they added wide receiver Golden Tate and drafted tight end Eric Ebron, who is being dubbed as a Jimmy Graham clone. Theo Riddick could have a break out season as he is not a big named guy that other teams will game plan to stop, remember he is also the 3rd running back on the depth chart!

11 thoughts on “Theo Riddick has Pro Bowl Potential…”

  1. Shouldn’t ALL players in the NFL have Pro Bowl potential? I mean, they are professionals!!

  2. lets play some games before we anoint him the next barry sanders. I have been a Lions fan since I was 6 years old (1978). I have heard all I care to hear about “potential.” stop the talk and show me something on the field.

  3. If he’s good then they got a log jam at running back. Maybe they should trade Bush or Bell for a corner.

  4. I’m hoping he is but I got too excited when Kevin Smith said the Lions would go 16-0 after an undefeated preseason. He just forgot to clarify back in that forgetful season!

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