There Is A Bright Side To The Detroit Lions Draft


Maybe It's Too Early To Be Too Negative On The Detroit Lions Draft?

Detroit Lions Draft
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Hope, The Name Of The Game

Matt Bassin: So I want to preface everything that I have already said about these draft picks and I'm going to be saying about these draft picks. I am under the guise of one thing. We don't know anything. We have no idea how any of these guys' careers are going to pan out. Okay. But I am going under the assumption of hope, that they are going to have great careers.

A.J. Reilly: What’s that four letter word? 

Matt Bassin: That four letter word that we haven't heard much lately is hope.. 

A.J. Reilly: Well, can you find that for us? Because I don't know if we know what hope is.

Matt Bassin: It's always looking on the bright side of life. I think that's where the hope lies and I haven't had much of it for the Lions in my life. They haven't given me much reason to. My hope started with Brad Holmes and for the first time ever, as an adult Lions fan, I actually liked what I saw for the head coach and for the new man in charge.

Lions, We're On Your Side

And I wanted to see what they did. And I thought the first draft last year went really well. So I was hopeful for this Detroit Lions draft and the moves that they were going to make, or don't make to grab whoever they were going to grab. Okay. But for those that are mad at the Lions for not trading back, A.J., you and I talked about this a lot pre-draft. 

If your guy isn't there, listen and trade back. Guess what their guy was there. Aidan Hutchinson was on the board and Kayvon Thibodeaux was on the board and they knew who they wanted and they went and got him. Now let's not forget where these Lions are coming from. Okay. 

These Lions are coming from a bottom five, in pressure percentage, in each of the last six years. A defense that finished 29th last year in pressure and 30th and sacks, this is a bad defense and it's a bad defense upfront. And you and I, when we talked pre-draft and you asked me, what did I want from this draft? I said, I want defense and helping the running game. That was all I wanted from this draft. All but two of our picks were defense. So can I really complain, when I got what I asked for? Not really. 

In Conclusion

A.J. Reilly: Yeah, you can't write and listen, there's a point where you can give yourself analysis paralysis when it comes to. Yeah, the idea of, should you trade back? Should you not trade back? What's the process?

Should you be taken off? Like I get, listen I was on a show earlier this week and beyond the box where we were not very favorable to this draft and I listen, I'm going to stand by what I said, because I'm not somebody that's going to, seesaw back and forth, depending on who I'm talking with, because I have my own thoughts on that.

And we can get into those thoughts as well as we go back and forth. But the one thing that I do agree with is.

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