There’s A Reason To Hope In The Detroit Lions


If we don't have hope, what do we have?

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Give Us Hope

Nick Bradley: Hope. It's so hard to look at the schedule and not feel good that we play the Packers, obviously, you got to play them twice. And outside of the Patriots, there's nobody on the schedule, I guess the Bills are a tough one as well. But outside of those three teams, it's like the Jaguars, we're getting the Jets, we're getting the Giants, we're getting the Seahawks, all these teams who I have zero fear of.

And it's like the Lions, obviously, they started, like, 0-9 last year or whatever it was. If they carry on with what they were doing in the second half, they started to run the ball, Jared Goff looked decent, and scored some points. The defense was better. If you take what they were doing, the old line should be one of the best in the league.

Hopefully, Jameson Williams comes back at some point and Hawk gets better. Swift, they should be better in the second half of the season. They were almost a 500 team. So it's like, how do you not, how do you not feel good looking at that? I understand the whole, it's the Lions, but if we don't have hope, what do we have?

David Pyke: What do we have? I truly agree with you because the way I look at it is this like you said, there are very few teams on this schedule that you instantly look at it and you're like, yeah, we got no chance of winning. There are very few teams that you actually just look at the schedule and yeah, we can chop that one up for a loss.

As you said, the Packers that's most likely going to be a tough game. The Patriots, I think, are going to be a tough game, the Cowboys, another tough game. And then there's the Bills obviously but past that, every team that we have on this schedule is a winnable game. I'll just go ahead and say it right now.

I think we sweep the Bears this year. I think we make the Bears look silly this year to be entirely honest. Because that would be like one of my ultimate highlights of the year is just to put the Bears in the basement for once instead of the Lions being in the basement.

So I think that for us, the thing that is really going to make the schedule work other than our ability to stay healthy, is how fast of a star can we get? Cause if you go off and you win against the Eagles week one, that's going to set you up well into week two, playing the Washington Commanders, and then you've got yourself some momentum starting you're on a roll.

You've already got positive vibes about the start of the season. So for me, I think getting a fast start and starting well is going to also help this team actually be able to win games, going down the stretch. 

Nick Bradley: 100% also, you could feel it last year, getting off to the start that they got off to. Even before it ended up being eight or nine losses in a row, it's like you start, 0-2, even 0-1, it just puts a damper on the mood, puts a damper on the mood.

I don't know, obviously what it's like being associated with the Lions, but from a fan's perspective, it's like this, I just already don't feel good.

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